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Anne-Marie reveals mate Ed Sheeran helped her through a panic attack: ‘He’s actually incredible’

Singer Anne-Marie has revealed that Ed Sheeran has helped her with her career, and has even helped her when she’s had panic attacks.

Anne-Marie recently revealed that she sought therapy after building up paranoia that people ‘hated’ her.

Speaking with Ranvir Singh on Lorraine Monday morning, the pop star opened up about her mental health further and spoke about her friendship with Ed.

‘He’s actually incredible, he’s been one of my favourite people to have in this industry as a friend,’ she said.

‘Whenever I write a song I send it to him and he gives me advice on a song or he collaborates with me on the album.

‘The other day I had a panic attack and I emailed him going “I’m feeling ok, I just had a panic attack” and he goes “are you ok, do you want me to call?”‘

The performer went on to say that Ed is ‘honestly incredible’ before elaborating further on her panic attacks.

‘I’ve had [panic attacks] for a while. They’re getting better because of therapy and I’ve been able to be ok a lot more than in the past,’ she said.

When Ranvir asked whether she knew what triggered her panic attacks, she said she had ‘no idea’.

The singer added: ‘You think that in a situation where you’re panicking for a reason, you have a panic attack but for the panic attacks I have, I’m sitting at home doing nothing, it’s very strange.’

Anne-Marie recently revealed exclusively to that she felt like ‘an a***hole’ going into therapy despite her glitzy life as a pop star.

Ranvir spoke to the star about her panic attacks (Picture: ITV)

She became fearful simply leaving her house but the sessions worked wonders and even provided new fodder for her latest record, unsurprisingly called Therapy.

‘I almost felt like a bit of an a***hole saying to everyone, “You know what, I am not happy but I am living this life”,’ the Voice coach told Guilty Pleasures. ‘I felt like I should have been happy, so I kept it quiet for a while.’

Anne-Marie said the breakthrough came during lockdown and after seeking therapy, her mindset has slowly begun to change.

‘Sometimes people just don’t like your music. I’ve had to get over that a bit. Overcoming that sense of worry and living my life for me instead of for other people is the biggest thing I have come to learn. It’s a hard lesson but I’ve managed to do it,’ she said.

‘It’s so much better because every decision I make is because I want to do it instead of it being about everyone else.’

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