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Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win viewers buzzing for NHS worker couple’s £500,000 win but confused by rules of game

An NHS worker couple walked away with half a million pounds (Picture: ITV)

Viewers of Ant and Dec’s new game show, Limitless Win, were thrilled to see a pair of NHS workers walk away with a huge win of £500,000.

Will and Catherine, an intensive care doctor and a midwife, were the first contestants to take on the game and managed to win a life-changing amount.

The game requires contestants to answer numerical questions to continue up the levels to bank limitless amounts of money, but in order to remain in the game they are not allowed to answer over the correct answer or run out of lives.

Contestants lose lives if they submit a number lower than the correct answer, with the amount of lives taken off being the difference between their answer and the correct one.

Viewers were left stressed as the couple risked the £100,000 they’d banked to answer a question on how many sails and flags the Blue Peter ship logo has, with Will choosing to play the answer rather than cash out at the very last second.

With only four lives remaining, the couple locked in the answer of five – which was three lower than the correct answer of eight, leaving them scraping into the next round with just one life left.

Will and Catherine won a life-changing amount of money (Picture: ITV)
Ant and Dec went through an emotional rollercoaster (Picture: ITV)

Will told Ant and Dec it was a ‘very different kind of stress’ to what the couple experience at work, while Catherine added: ‘I feel like with this we have a little more time to think.’

However, the couple had an absolute stroke of luck with the next question – how many years will it be in July 2022 since Jeff Bezos founded Amazon – as they actually knew the correct answer.

Adamant they were certain it was the right answer, the couple gambled with one life remaining and managed to bank an enormous £500,000.

The couple then decided to cash out without answering the next question, taking home half a million pounds.








Viewers took to Twitter to share the emotional rollercoaster they went through, tweeting: ‘OMG I love #LimitlessWin what an amazing show really can’t wait for it next week. This could end who wants to be a millionaire.’

Others added: ‘Just catching up on #limitlesswin @antanddec – I might end up in Will’s ICU here’ and ‘best show on TV, you’re going to be responsible for my heart attack’.

However, while they were loving the huge payday the keyworkers had got, some viewers were very confused by the format.

They tweeted: ‘I feel ashamed to say this, but I don’t get the rules of this game at all. Hurting my head already @antanddec can you send me a breakdown lol x.’

Others added: ‘I’m glad the contestants seem to be fully conversant with the rules, because we’re not’ and ‘Listening to the rules in #LimitlessWin, I feel a bit like Joey in Friends trying to get his head round his quiz hosting duties.’

Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win airs Saturdays from 8.30pm on ITV. 


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