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Astronaut Chris Hadfield video chats with space fan Adam King from Late Late Toy Show

Space-mad Adam King, the young boy who won over viewers’ hearts when he recently appeared on The Late Late Toy Show in Ireland, moved one step closer to achieving his dreams when he caught up with astronaut Chris Hadfield over video chat.

On Saturday 28 November, six-year-old Adam, from County Cork, was interviewed by Ryan Tubridy on the annual festive Late Late Toy Show about his love of space and his aspiration to become a capsule communicator for NASA.

Adam, who has brittle bones and uses a wheelchair, told Ryan that he wanted to become ‘CAPCOM in NASA’, explaining that the role is ‘captain in ground control’.

After Adam’s appearance on the show, Canadian astronaut and former commander of the International Space Station Chris reached out to him on Twitter, saying that they ‘should talk space together’.

During last night’s The Late Late Show, their virtual face-to-face meeting finally took place.

Chris first sent a video message to Adam, saying in the clip that he was ‘so impressed with the person that you are’ when he saw him on The Late Late Toy Show.


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Commander Chris Hadfield sends a message to space fan Adam King (The Late Late Show/RTÉ One)

‘The way that you spoke, the way that you treated everybody around you, but the way that you showed us the things that you’re dreaming of – I found it really inspiring, because you’re working hard and turning yourself into the person that you dream of being,’ he said.

Chris said that when he was Adam’s age, he dreamed of travelling to space, eventually going on to visit space three times and helping 25 space shuttle missions take place while working in CAPCOM.

‘What I saw on the Toy Show that impressed me the most was two things about you Adam. That you are kind, that you treat the people around you kindly,’ he stated.

‘And number two, that you’re really honest about it. You’re interested in the facts about what really matters. And I think those two things are important in life.’

Chris said that when it is safe to do so, he plans on visiting his daughter in Dublin, adding that he hopes he’ll be able to ‘sit down and talk space’ with Adam ‘face to face’ when he travels to Ireland.


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Chris and Adam talk all things space over video chat (The Late Late Show/RTÉ One)

Chris and Adam also video-chatted during last night’s The Late Late Show.

During their conversation, Adam told the astronaut that sometimes when he imagines going to space, he visits the moon, while at other times he ventures to different planets.

Chris told Adam that he used to do the same thing when he was a child with his siblings.

Adam then asked the Canadian whether he was afraid when he went on his first space mission.

‘When I was six years old, I was afraid, because I didn’t know everything that I needed to know yet,’ Chris replied.

‘But I changed who I was Adam. I studied, and I read books, and I watched movies, and I talked to people who knew what they were doing, and then I practised – just like you’re practising – over and over and over again.

‘On the day that I was going to space, and I walked up and rode up the elevator into the rocket and then lay down in the rocket on my back, even though it was a dangerous thing, because I knew what I was doing and I’d studied and practised, I wasn’t afraid, and I was ready.’

Chris added that he’d ‘much rather be ready than afraid’, telling Adam: ‘You’ve got your whole life to get ready.’

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