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Bake Off 2020 recap: What happened on last night’s show as pastry week had Linda crumble under the pressure

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Another baker had to go as the team passed into its fifth week (Picture: Channel 4)

The Great British Bake Off’s pastry week was upon us this week and the heat was turned up in the kitchen with disasters and triumphs aplenty.

Pastry week is extra important as it marks the halfway point for the bakers, meaning if they succeeded, they were on the home stretch.

After Sura’s elimination last week, it was all to play for as the numbers in the tent began to dwindle.

So who exactly managed to rise to the top for week five, while others ended up falling flatter than a pancake?

Here’s what went down…

My Celebrity Life –

The team first tackled cornish pasties in the signature challenge (Picture: Channel 4)

Signature Challenge: Cornish pasties

First off, the team had two hours to create their own twist on the iconic cornish pasties.

Having to come up with a lush filling as well as nailing the pastry, judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith were presented with mixed results.

While they loved Mark’s aloo gobi and paneer pasties, and Linda’s samosa twist on the pasty, they were critical of Marc’s cornish fish pasties, which looked pale and were missing the essential crimps.

My Celebrity Life –

Peter came out on top in the technical (Picture: Channel 4)

Technical Challenge: Eclairs

‘If you want really high end, special, elegant ones, you have put in a lot of work,’ Prue warned the cameras as the team got to work in the blind challenge.

For the task, the team were told to create six fluffy pastries – three filled with salted caramel, and three with raspberry creme patisserie.

Immediately, the bakers found themselves struggling with the creation of choux pastries, with Linda beginning to panic and even starting from scratch when hers failed to rise and looked oily.

In the end, Prue and Paul weren’t entirely happy with the result of nearly all of the efforts, with many bakers undercooking their pastry, or having their creme pat too runny.

Linda came in at last place, after failing to put no creme pat in some of her cakes.

Peter came out on top, with Hermine and Mark coming in second and third.

My Celebrity Life –

Linda tried her best but her bakes all ended in disaster (Picture: Channel 4)

Showstopper: Caged Tarts

Finally, there was the caged tarts – tarts with ornate pastry cages that were able to stand up on their own.

Naturally, there was a lot of room for error, with even the tiniest mistake and slight overcook meaning their cage could crumble, and they would’ve failed the main part of the task.

Linda unfortunately suffered another fail, with her gypsy tart’s cage breaking, and she was forced to present without it.

Mark also failed on the cage front, placing an unfinished version over the top of his tart, and he came under fire for his piping work as well.

David faired better with his chocolate, mango and lime tart in a pyramid, as did Peter’s blackberry and lemon tart.

My Celebrity Life –

Linda was given her marching orders after failing to impress in pastry week (Picture: Channel 4)

Who was sent home and who was Star Baker?

Unfortunately, after a series of errors, it was Linda who was sent home.

Laura was crowned Star Baker of the week.

Speaking after the elimination, Linda told the cameras: ‘I can’t really be sad. I’ve been a child at Disneyland really.

‘It’s been amazing. one of the highlights of my life.’

Prue expressed her sadness at seeing Linda go, but said: ‘She’s a very good baker – but she had a terrible week.’

What is Bake Off’s theme next week?

Next week is a Bake Off first with Japanese week in the tent.

Starting with creating a Japanese version of Asian staple, steamed buns, the technical will prove to be tricky with a multi-layered bake.

They’ll end with a showstopper inspired by kawaii – the Japanese love of all things cute and adorable.

The Great British Bake Off continues Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.


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