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BBC Breakfast takes extreme measures after blunder wreaks havoc for viewers

It was back to basics on BBC Breakfast as a technical fault wiped the clock from screens on Tuesday morning.

Like all good daytime news programmes there is usually a small, easily checkable clock in the corner of the screen so you can keep up to date with how late you are for your journey to work.

This morning BBC Breakfast’s timer wasn’t appearing, and when hosts Dan Walker and Louise Minchin were alerted to it, they made it their mission to bring viewers the correct hour, no matter what it took.

Dan placed a wall clock on the red Breakfast sofa as Louise explained: ‘Before we move on shall we tell you the time?

‘We’ve now got very innovative ways of telling the time for you.’

‘Our BBC Breakfast clock has disappeared, so would that help?’ Dan told viewers.

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BBC Breakfast was determined to bring you the accurate time, no matter what (Picture: BBC)

‘The issue with this is it rolls a bit,’ he added as the clock wobbled on the sofa’s flat surface. At the same time his co-star brandished her phone with a digital display of the time on it, which was replaced with a tablet so it could be viewed more easily.

Later on, the newsreader tried to explain that he had tried to manually set the wall clock but ‘it is actually 20 seconds too fast’ so people were better off looking at Louise’s tablet.

She said: ‘We’re still fiddling with the clocks here. What we’d like you to do is have a vote. Which one would you like us to keep until the end of the show?’

‘I think the official BBC Breakfast clock is dead for today so we’ll try and get it back for you at some stage,’ Dan added.

Production then stepped in to give the audience something clearer to see the time on but things got even sillier.

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Some camera trickery from the director gave viewers a better picture (Picture: BBC)

My Celebrity Life –

Ok, Dan… (Picture: BBC)

‘Our director Gareth is very proud of this. He’s managed to superimpose the analogue clock on Louise’s knees,’ he explained, pointing out the image near the bottom right corner.

‘I think it looks good there,’ Louise said.

Dan shifted slightly and his notes came up across the clock face, and when it was pointed out to him he felt the next step was to get his whole hand in instead.

He began: ‘So if I go in there, looks weird. Aargh!

‘Sorry, the fact we’ve lost our clock has sent us all a bit doolally today.’

‘All of us doolally?’ Louise quipped in the awkward seconds after.

The vote among viewers was neck and neck so both versions of the time stayed on the sofa for the remainder of the programme.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One.

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