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BBC filmed almost 4000 hours of foreplay and eight hours of mating for new David Attenborough series

My Celebrity Life –
A new documentary will take a deep dive into the mating rituals of the animal kingdom (Picture: BBC)

The BBC shot reams and reams of footage of animals getting down to business for new David Attenborough-narrated documentary The Mating Game.

The five-part series, narrated by Sir David, takes a focus look the animal world’s pursuit for a partner in order to pass on their genes to the next generation.

Shot in 8K in stunning locations on land and sea, The Mating Game will lay bare the reproduction process for us to see.

Producers sorted through the choicest moments from 3837 hours of foreplay from 80 different animal species in 22 countries, and eight hours of mating with 2347 different matings filmed.

All the ups and downs were captured on camera as 367 fights, 1556 displays and ‘countless’ failed mating attempts shot for the series.

Over 271 crew members filmed on location, spending a mammoth 150 days at sea with more than 500 hours of diving, just to get the money shots for the finished series.

Sir David said the documentary will ‘show the natural world at its most spectacular’.

He shared: ‘Animals set out to impress one another when they start courtship and mating and my goodness how impressive they can be, so it makes for a wonderful sight.

My Celebrity Life –
Over 271 crew members shot nearly 4000 hours of foreplay (Picture: BBC)
My Celebrity Life –
The series spans 80 different species across 22 countries (Picture: BBC)

‘The equipment animals have for their mating displays, the feathers, all the paraphernalia, it can be very dramatic.’

The filmmaker went on: ‘I hope people take away the overwhelming truth, which is how unbelievably ungraspable the variety of the natural world is, what governs the animal world, and what governs the way in which animals behave.’

Starting with Grasslands: In Plain Sight, the episodes feature a menagerie of frisky, furry and feathered friends including kangaroos, termites, humpback whales, sealions, chimpanzees, salmon, wild turkeys and the giant panda.

The Mating Game starts October 3 at 8pm on BBC One.


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