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Below Deck producer admits there is way more sex in unaired scenes: ‘Too wild for TV’

We’re coming up to season nine of Below Deck, and nearly the 20th series across the franchise, so it’s safe to say we know what to expect from the boat-based reality show.

There are usually rows between the cast, the odd boat romance or two, tears, tantrums and some pretty iconic one-liners from Captain Lee thrown in for good measure.

Well it turns out that there is actually a lot more sex on every boat than we ever see on our screens, with many scenes being left on the cutting room floor.

Yes, seriously.

In a chat with, producer and show creator Mark Cronin spilled the beans on what we don’t get to see, and revealed they actually have serious measures over filming co-stars getting intimate.

‘There is stuff that happens that’s too wild for television, usually sexually,’ he told us, explaining the way the camera crew film sex scenes is to initially put a stop to them – to ensure the stars are happy with those moments being captured on film.

My Celebrity Life –
Eddie Lucas famously slept with Rocky in the laundry room in season three (Picture: YouTube)

‘We pull out of the room and make sure everybody’s happy with a sexual situation.

‘We always actually stop the cameras for a moment and say to both parties who might be about to engage in sexual activity, “Are you both okay with this?”

‘We ask separately and we make sure that there’s not some bad thing going on from that standpoint.’

My Celebrity Life –
Gary and Syndey got very close on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2 (Picture: hayu)

If the stars aren’t too thrilled about having sex with millions of people watching on at home, the crew leave and let them get to it in complete privacy.

‘Once we’re satisfied that this is mutually consensual, then we’ll pull out the cameras and off they go,’ Mark continued, insisting that everything else they film is usually up for grabs.

‘We get a lot more sound of things than you’d ever want to hear. There’s a lot of sexual stuff that we don’t air for obvious reasons.

‘I don’t think we’re shy about showing what really happens, and everybody who comes on the show has given us permission to show everything that occurs, and everything they say and everything they do.’

This little titbit has well and truly blown our minds – who else is getting together that we have no idea about?!

Below Deck is available to stream on hayu now.


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