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Below Deck producers ‘put cameras down’ during terrifying boat crash: ‘It was a real true emergency’

Below Deck star Alli Dore recalled the moment Bravo producers put their cameras down and stopped filming during a ‘terrifying boat crash’.

The latest episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season two began with a baffled Captain Glenn failing to stop the luxury boat from crashing into a dock in Croatia.

The crunch was audible above the swearing from the deck crew, who were scrambling around trying to fix the issue.

Stewardess Alli has opened up about what really went down behind the scenes, revealing she was even more shaken when she saw the film crew put their cameras down during the incident.

‘I felt so helpless,’ she began on a video shared on her Instagram page. ‘Watching everyone running around, the cameras went down. We’ve gone dead ship.

‘We had never seen production put their cameras down before. And this was the first time.

My Celebrity Life –

Alli Dore opened up about the terrifying boat crash (Picture: hayu)

My Celebrity Life –

The sailing yacht crashed into the side of a dock in Croatia (Picture: hayu)

‘And that was terrifying. Because that meant it was a real, true emergency.’

Below Deck fans will know the cameras are constantly rolling on board, and are there to catch cast hook-ups, crew bust-ups and drunken nights out of every single franchise – including the original, Mediterranean and Sailing Yacht ventures.

Courtland Cox, who has been on board behind the scenes of the boat-based reality series for 16 seasons, still gets emotional at seeing Glenn’s reaction to the crash.

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Captain Glenn was beside himself after the crash (Picture: hayu)

My Celebrity Life –

Parts of the boat fell into the water after the crush (Picture: hayu)

‘I probably watched this episode 15 times in various incarnations, and every time I see Glenn’s face in the immediate aftermath of hitting that dock, I still get very emotional,’ the executive producer told Vanity Fair.

‘It’s a catastrophic moment for any yacht captain when you do damage to a boat. It’s the worst possible thing. And I also know that that’s compounded by a factor of a million because there are TV cameras on you.

‘As a producer, it’s amazingly compelling. But as a person onboard, it’s terrifying…. But Glenn is a consummate professional. He didn’t try to deflect or make excuses or try to tap dance his way out of it. He went quickly into crisis mode, damage mode.’

Courtland described the smash as the ‘second most intense moment ever on the series’, with the scene where Ashton Pienaar was pulled overboard coming in first spot.

The near-fatal incident played out on our screens in season six, with cameraman Brent Freeburg quickly stepping in, putting his camera down to untangle the rope – a move which saved Ashton’s life.

All episodes of Below Deck are available to stream on hayu, with new episodes of Sailing Yacht dropping on Tuesdays.

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