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Blue Therapy series two may explore ‘interracial relationships and Asian culture’ says creator Andy Amadi after landing huge E4 deal

Remember when Blue Therapy series one had us all in a chokehold? Well, it’ll be back for more (Picture: YouTube, Trend Centrl)

Blue Therapy will soon be back on screens with its second series and the show’s creator has revealed it could offer a slightly broader range of couples. 

The YouTube series, from Trend Centrl, became a huge hit in early 2021 quickly clocking up millions of views per episode as it gave viewers a raw and unfiltered look into therapy sessions with two couples – Paul and Chioma, and Deborah and Jamel.

Each episode became even more hilarious and shocking than the last as the couples dropped truth bombs, let secrets spill and, ultimately, decided whether they would stay together.

It was such a unique and unprecedented success that Channel 4’s sister station E4 just had to snap it up from creator, Andy Amadi, following a bargaining battle with another TV network of which remains a mystery (although we have a pretty good guess).

With series two now confirmed, Andy is finally able to spill some of the tea about what we can expect from the new couples as the casting process is set to begin next month.

‘We’re not going to [change] too much when it comes to [the topics] because most of these things are relatable. Most people go through similar things in a relationship but we definitely want to cover topics like infidelity, sex, interracial relationships,’ Andy told exclusively.

Blue Therapy series one focused on two Black couples which was a huge part of its success, providing an easily relatable look at Black British millennial relationships with some topics even exploring their African heritage.

However, could series two look at other races or even interracial relationships?

Andy said: ‘I want to explore that [interracial relationships] as well because that doesn’t get enough light. People act like it’s just normal – we want to think it’s normal but let’s be honest, there’s a lot of challenges with cultural aspects of being in interracial relationships.

‘People don’t usually bring it to the screen but we want to explore that, so that’s something I look forward to doing.’

Chioma and Paul’s relationship woes were enough to give anyone anxiety (Picture: YouTube, Trend Centrl)
Denise had major trust issues with Jamel (Picture: YouTube, Trend Centrl)
Therapist Denise had her work cut out dealing with the series one couples (Picture: YouTube, Trend Centrl)

Andy insisted Blue Therapy will still keep its focus on ‘predominantly Black couples’ but the team are ‘definitely looking at throwing other races in there’.

‘We definitely want to see the interracial relationship, definitely want to see an Asian couple, we might want to see arranged marriages,’ the filmmaker explained.

‘This is what we hope to get out on screens because there’s a lot of these relationships out there but whether they’re willing to come on camera, that’s another story. Left to me, I definitely want to explore arranged marriages. I want to explore the Asian and Muslim community as well.’

With Blue Therapy set to air on E4 for the first time, it will mean a bigger and better budget to expand on elements that made the first set of episodes a hit, while also introducing new aspects.

Andy teased: ‘Without giving away too much we want to take it out of therapy just a little bit more.

‘The main concentration will be on therapy because it’s called Blue Therapy, but at the same time, we want to show more back story to these characters and other people in their lives.

‘Like how we had Paul’s sister, we want to have more of these people popping up whether it’s at home, a bar, restaurant or on set.’

Blue Therapy series one is available to watch on YouTube via the Trend Centrl channel. Series two is expected to arrive on E4 in early 2023.


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