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Brad McClelland takes aim at Laura Whitmore’s ‘stupid question’ during Love Island reunion

Brad was not here for the repetitive questioning (Picture: ITV)

Love Island’s Brad McClelland really isn’t mincing his words when it comes to the ‘stupid question’ he believed he was asked during the show’s recent reunion.

The reality star exited the series two weeks in after he and then-partner Lucinda Strafford were forced to pick between them who was to leave the villa in tense scenes.

After Brad sacrificed himself for Lucinda to keep going (don’t tell us chivalry is dead), she shacked up with Aaron Francis – despite Brad saying he would be waiting for her on the outside.

That seems to be the topic on everyone’s minds with Brad being asked about Lucinda and Aaron in nearly every interview since his departure.

Clearly done with rehashing the subject, after Love Island host Laura Whitmore brought it up during the show’s divisive reunion he turned the tables and took the mick out of himself, saying it ‘turned him on’ to see Lucinda move on.

While Laura has addressed the reunion following viewer criticism, Brad himself explained his ‘daft’ reaction was down to the repetitive questioning he’d received in the weeks prior.

Laura insisted she doesn’t handle the editorial side (Picture: Jonathan Hordle/ITV)

He told OK!: ‘The reason I answered the way I did, is because every single interview I did upon leaving asked me “how did seeing Lucinda with Aaron make you feel?”

‘I’m sick of answering that question, I’m sure the public are sick of hearing us answer that question, so I thought “d’ya know what? Screw this, I’ll come up with a daft question!”‘

He then added, in an apparent dig at Laura: ‘Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer!’

Hardly the first to call out the reunion, Brad joined Georgia Townend who had said it was ‘uneventful’ while Shannon Singh branded it ‘pointless’ and a waste of her time.

Following the taping, she said on social media: ‘Well guys, that was a f****ng waste of time, but I went…’

Reacting to backlash directed at the finale, with many criticising the decision not to have finalists Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruikshank on stage, alongside their fellow finalists, when Hugo Hammond and his four ‘exes’ were invited up, host Laura ‘clarified’ things on Instagram.

She wrote: ‘Shall I clarify a few other things? Hundreds of people work on Love Island. My job is not to organise seating arrangements. I barely know what seat I’m sitting in before the show as set changes so much.

‘I barely know what seat I’m sitting in before the show as set changes so much.

‘We invited Kaz to sit with Toby for his exes segment but she didn’t want to and it’s her choice to make.

‘Everything is run through with the islanders before hand. It’s all about choice!’

She encouraged any raging viewers to complain not to her but to ITV.

Laura went on: ‘As a TV host I do my job. I don’t get to make editorial decisions. There’s a whole team that do that.

‘So I’ve been asked by ITV for you to contact them by for any editorial questions and they will respond.

‘Some things I can answer. Other things I can’t because I’m not in those meetings. I just do my job as best I can.’

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