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Brett Goldstein insists he is a real human man and Ted Lasso’s Roy Kent isn’t CGI

Every popular TV show is bound to spark a few strange theories, but the latest Ted Lasso conspiracy could be the best of the bunch.

Brett Goldstein has addressed the rumours that his character Roy Kent is actually CGI, and no, he’s simply a ‘normal human man’ that enjoys rendering and buffering.

Happy now, internet?

This bizarre theory began, as all the best bizarre theories do, on Reddit, when a Redditor commented on a Ted Lasso subreddit: ‘Roy is a CGI character right? I can’t unsee it. I’mpositive Apple is gonna unveil something at some point that they were trying to truck us with his cgi.’

They went on to suggest one of Apple’s conditions for making Ted Lasso was that ‘they get to try out their “new cgi tech” and at the Emmys they’re gonna put him up for best actor and make some surprise announcement “he was cgi”.’

Others wrote: ‘I was creeped out by the random CGI’ and guessed that the avatar had been made to resemble Roy Keane.

The theory made its way onto Twitter, where fans of the Apple TV+ show were mightily entertained by the thought that the sweary footballer turned pundit turned coach Roy Kent was actually formed from special effects, rather than being the very real actor Brett Goldstein.





What is that is making people think Roy is CGI? Apparently, it’s that his face is a it too chiselled, there’s a glow around the character and his eye movements and blinks are a bit too slow.

Brett has since addressed the theory, and maintains that he is a real, normal, human man.

Exactly what a real, normal, human man would say.

The 41-year-old posted a statement to Twitter, placing an emoji over his face and saying: ‘F***ing load of mad s*** happening on the internet today, as usual. I just want to clear up something once and for all.

Roy is a real boy (Picture: Apple TV+)

‘I am a completely real, normal, human man, who just happens to live in a VFX house and does normal, human, basic things like rendering and buffering and transferring data. I don’t know what everyone’s f***ing problem is.’

If Roy and Brett are indeed CGI, it’d be pretty impressive that Brett is also a writer on Ted Lasso.

You may also recognise him from the film SuperBob, while he is also the creator of the AMC anthology series Soulmates.

However, it’s Ted Lasso that has made him a star, as the show continues to receive rave reviews for season two.

The second season of the show sees Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) attempt to get AFC Richmond promoted to the Premier League after last year’s relegation, all while struggling with panic attacks and a rapidly changing team.

Ted Lasso is available to stream on Apple TV+. 


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