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Bridgerton: 7 questions we have of Lady Whistledown’s world as we wait for season 2

Bridgerton finally landed in our Netflix accounts on Christmas Day – and just like that we’ve binged it all, and are desperate for a season 2.

The Shondaland series brings 2020 ideals into a Jane Austen world, and the result is something magical that has kept viewers gripped.

From the mystery of Lady Whistledown, through to the love affairs of high society, there was something for everyone.

Now we have to patiently wait for news of the show’s return – which is annoying, seeing as we have so many questions about what’s coming next.

Here are just some of the things we want to know.

***Warning: Spoilers Ahead***

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The Featheringtons have been left with nothing (Picture: Netflix)

What will happen to the Featheringtons?

The Featherington family were insufferable for most of the series (apart from sweet angel Penelope, played by Nicola Coughlan).

However, in the final episode, Lord Featherington’s (Ben Miller) luck and hustle finally run out, and he was killed for rigging a boxing match in order to get some money in a dodgy deal.

With the mobsters stealing his money – which is all the family had left, Lady Featherington (Polly Walker) has been left with nothing, and a family to keep above water.

How much longer will they be able to live their affluent lifestyle before they have to admit defeat? And what will become of them after?

Who inherited the Featherington estate?

Lady Featherington was given a note declaring whose name the estate would be left in – and it was obvious from her response, it wasn’t her.

The question is then, whose house is she now technically living in?

We’re sure she’ll come up with a scheme in order to secure it for herself and her daughters, but she’s running out of time, and if they come to claim it, the whole family will become homeless.

My Celebrity Life –
Penelope has been keeping her mouth shut but for how much longer? (Picture: Netflix)

Will Penelope finally tell Colin how she feels?

Poor Penelope has been in love with Colin (Luke Newton) throughout everything that’s happened – and he hasn’t taken a blind bit of notice.

Finally gathering up the courage to tell him how she feels, she was left heartbroken when Colin got in there first and told her he was moving abroad.

Now she’s left without him, and it’s not known when he’ll return.

Can Penelope find it within herself to somehow tell him the truth? That’s if he returns at all?

My Celebrity Life –
Daphne and Simon’s love story is only just beginning (Picture: Netflix)

When will Lady Whistledown be discovered?

Lady Whistledown has been wreaking havoc among the elite with Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) becoming obsessed with tracking her down.

She thought she’d succeeded too, before the rug was pulled from under her and it was revealed her top suspect, dressmaker Genevieve Delacroix (Kathryn Drysdale) couldn’t have possibly been the mystery newsletter writer.

But now viewers know the true identity of the gossip collector, so how much longer will they be able to keep up the ruse and remain undetected.

We’ve got to admit, they did a cracking job, and even we didn’t suspect until the truth was revealed.

What did Daphne and Simon name their baby?

We were pleasantly surprised at the end of the season to discover that Simon and Daphne had finally started a family together.

Despite Simon’s reservations, the pair made an adorable baby, and they promised to keep up the family tradition by naming their son alphabetically.

So, what did they decide to call him? And are there any other children planned by the time we see them in season two (if there is one)?

They certainly have enough sex to make it a possibility she could be pregnant again, at least!

My Celebrity Life –
Queen Charlotte has her own problems to deal with (Picture: Netflix)

What will happen to Queen Charlotte?

Queen Charlotte has been struggling, and that largely comes down to her husband, who has dementia and is beginning to lose his memory.

While she puts on a heck of a front, you can see she’s beginning to feel vulnerable about the idea of losing her true love as he lashes out around him in confusion.

In that era, dementia was nowhere near as understood as it is today, and a Royal showing any sign of weakness could be considered catastrophic.

What will she be able to do and will she find someone willing to help her?

My Celebrity Life –
Anthony is now looking for Mrs Right (Picture: Netflix)

Will Anthony move on from Sienna and find love?

Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) well and truly had his heart broken by the end of the season with Siena (Sabrina Bartlett) deciding to stick with what she knows and remain away from high society.

Clearly the only woman he’s ever truly loved, Anthony has decided he needs to take a wife – and will remove love from the occasion in order to get it.

As a Viscount, he’s opted to make this more of a ‘business transaction’ which, if he’s not careful could lead to more heartbreak if he were then to find actual love while trapped in a loveless marriage.

When he left the city, he seemed intent on a mission, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he returned with a woman on his arm by the next season.

Bridgerton is available now on Netflix.


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