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Bridgerton star Polly Walker teases what’s next for Lady Featherington: ‘She’s just trying to survive’

***Warning: This article features spoilers for season one of Bridgerton on Netflix***

Polly Walker says she loved playing ‘slightly controversial’ character Lady Portia Featherington in Netflix’s Bridgerton and hopes to return for more in another season.

The actress has a starring role in the glossy period drama from Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes’ production company, Shondaland, and her character deals with quite the scandal during the Regency-era series.

Polly, 54, plays determined mother-of-three Portia Featherington, who is doing the best she can to help her daughters find a marriage match during the social season of London’s high-society in 1813.

But the mission is easier said than done as her husband is caught up in bad business and a distant relative brings some unexpected drama along when she joins the fray.

Speaking exclusively to about her character, the Line of Duty star stated: ‘She’s slightly controversial when it comes to her methods and her style but she is just a woman trying to do her best.

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The actress says her character is just trying to survive in a difficult situation (Picture: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX)

‘I think she’s a survivor. She’s just trying to survive in a very difficult climate and in many ways, she is the ultimate feminist.’

As for what would be coming next in season two after that cliffhanger, the actress continued: ‘It’s going to be fun to watch from what I’ve heard. It’s gonna be pretty epic because they’ve lost all their money and that won’t sit well.

‘Lady Featherington is going to have to do some serious thinking to get herself and her daughters in a good situation. She was such a brilliant, fun part to play because she has to be so inventive.’

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All eyes will be on the Featherington’s in season two (Picture: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX)

The Pennyworth star added: ‘It’s gonna be really interesting for the Featheringtons. I’ve been told she would have a huge storyline next season so I’m curious as to where it goes.

‘I know some people might think she’s horrible but I think she’s cool. She just finds ways to survive with a lot of odds and obstactles stacked against her – and with a terrible husband! It’s not easy being Portia Featherington.’

The Mr. Selfridge star is no stranger to period dramas but she admitted the scale of Bridgerton’s production took her by surprise.

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Polly Walker admits Bridgerton is unlike any period drama she’s starred in before (Picture: David Reiss)

Polly recalled: ‘I suddenly realized how big this was when I went in for costume fittings. I don’t know why but I guess I was just in massive denial as to what I was getting involved in.

‘The costumes alone were so wonderful and incredibly detailed. They went to Italy and India to source these incredible fabrics. I’ve done big period pieces where a lot of thought and money has gone into it but this was next level.’

Praising Shondaland productions, she added: ‘The show is so original and so energizing to be a part of. I’ve never come across it before. It allowed me to have a modern approach to the character because I didn’t feel like I was constrained.

‘I was able to be as large as I wanted with the character, to be quite bold. Those choices were because of the costumes and the style and the concept.’

Polly continued: ‘Shondaland weren’t constrained by all the usual sort of protocols and history. They didn’t feel so reverent about things so we could all be freer.’

Bridgerton is now available on Netflix.


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