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Britain’s Got Talent finalist shares ‘exciting news’ about gender clinic appointment after coming out as trans and ‘officially’ changing name

Ash has some exciting news! (Picture: TikTok/@ashgraysongs/ITV)

A Britain’s Got Talent finalist, who wowed the judges nearly a decade ago with an incredible piano rap performance, has shared some exciting news with fans, announcing that he has ‘officially’ changed his name, a year after coming out as non-binary and trans.

Ash, who you may know as Gabz, performed at the age of 14 in Britain’s Got Talent in 2013, and impressed the judges with his self-penned song The One.

But now, nearly a decade later, Ash has shared some exciting news with his 112,000 TikTok followers, announcing that he finally had his first appointment at a gender clinic.

‘I have some exciting news,’ he began, continuing: ‘So, if you didn’t know I’m trans.’

Ash continued, explaining that he had been waiting on the gender clinic waiting list for the NHS and now, after going private, has had his first appointment.

‘It went really well, I mean I just cried the whole time, but it went really well.

‘Which means I’m going to be able to change my name on my passport and my gender mark on my passport, which is exciting.’

Ash added that his name has been changed to Ashley officially ‘for a couple of months’.

Ash said: ‘I feel like a lot of the waiting around for the stuff is money problems, it’s so expensive, so going through the NHS is free, so I’m just really excited.

‘So I feel like I’m going to have updates soon on when I can start T and I’ll have to see how long its going to be for top surgery, because hopefully I won’t have to fundraise anymore for that and hopefully it’ll be through the NHS.

‘I’m just really excited!’

Last year, Ash ‘reintroduced’ themselves on Instagram, writing: ‘If you didn’t know I’m nonbinary & this journey has been really confusing for me & I’m sure for some of you too.’

They continued: ‘I’ve decided being nonbinary is no longer going to be a burden for me or hold me back or keep me hiding.

‘I wanna be myself 100% authentically! Hopefully in the future loads of kids like me won’t have to grow up so confused not fitting any labels.’

Back in 2013, judge David Walliams had labelled The One as ‘fantastic,’ saying: ‘Simon Cowell get that song on to iTunes.  That is a No. 1 record. Fantastic.’

Amanda Holden even went as far as to say the musician – who has written over 30 songs – reminded her of Lily Allen.

‘It was like Lily Allen first broke.  Absolutely amazing.  Well done,’ she told them.

Simon also gushed: ‘You know what? The kids have taken over this show. I absolutely love you, you have such a great smile.

‘I agree, I think the song’s a hit. The piano playing has improved, I like what you’re wearing, you’re a little popstar.’

Ash released The One (renamed as Lighters) later in 2013, which peaked at number six on the the UK Singles Chart.

Nearly a decade on, Ash has released several more EPs, music videos, and last year, independently produced and released a remake of the 2013 single Lighters.

Need support?

Mermaids is able to help trans people up to their 19th birthday.

Their helpline is open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm: 0808 801 0400.

You can also text ‘Mermaids’ to 85258 for free 24/7 crisis support all across the UK or make use of their web chat, which is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm.


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