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Buffy star Nicholas Brendon out of emergency surgery as he promises to address fans on Joss Whedon allegations

Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor Nicholas Brendon has come out of emergency surgery as he promises to address fans on the allegations made against the programme’s creator Joss Whedon.

Last week, Buffy star Charisma Carpenter released a statement online alleging that Whedon created a ‘hostile and toxic environment’ on set.

Several stars of the supernatural series have since spoken out in her support, including the show’s lead Sarah Michelle Gellar, James Marsters, Eliza Dushku, David Boreanaz and Michelle Trachtenberg.

Earlier this week, Brendon – who played Xander Harris in the drama – announced that he was undergoing surgery after injuring his back, adding that he wouldn’t comment on the allegations made against Whedon until he could ‘come up with a statement that represents me’ as he ‘had a relationship’ with the film director.

‘It’s a big part of my life, a very emotional part of my life and I want to give it the proper respect and time that it deserves,’ he said.

In a new post shared on Instagram on Brendon’s behalf, it said that he will ‘insist on saying hello’ to his fans now that his emergency spinal surgery is over.

‘Nicky is out of his emergency spinal surgery and the doctor said he’s doing well,’ the caption read.

‘I’m sure he will need plenty of rest tonight but will insist on saying hello once he’s feeling up to it.’

The caption didn’t detail whether Brendon will speak about the claims made about Whedon when he speaks to fans in the immediate aftermath of his surgery.

Last week, Brendon’s partner, Sarah Allison, took charge of his social media to share the news of his injury with his followers.

Sharing a video of Brendon lying down with his dog and cat, she wrote: ‘Nicky slipped on ice a few days ago & hurt his back. He’s having a hard time sitting up or getting comfortable.’

She added that they were ‘trying to get him to see a doctor ASAP’ to treat his injury.

After remaining publicly silent for a few days on the allegations made against Whedon, over the weekend, Boreanaz – who played Angel on Buffy and his own spin-off show – responded directly to Carpenter’s statement on Twitter, writing: ‘I am here for you to listen and support you. Proud of your strength.’

Carpenter later thanked Boreanaz for his support, responding: ‘I know you’re there for me. I appreciate all you’ve done to demonstrate that support privately as well. Especially since Wednesday – thank you so much.’

The recent allegations made against Whedon come after actor Ray Fisher made similar complaints about him on the set of Justice League.


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