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Call Me Kat gets mixed reviews from viewers as critics label Mayim Bialik’s Miranda reboot ‘tired and dated’

Mayim Bialik’s US reboot of British comedy series Miranda has received a mixed reviews from viewers after it premiered on Sunday night.

The Big Bang Theory actress and her former co-star Jim Parson teamed up to produce the show based on Miranda Hart’s self-titled series, which ran from 2009 to 2015.

The program follows Kat (Bialik), a quirky woman who quits her teaching job to open a cat cafe, much to the despair of her mum (Swoosie Kurtz) who doesn’t believe her daughter can be happily single at 39.

Some viewers appeared to love with new series as one wrote: ‘Thank you @missmayim for bringing laughter and bowls of positive vibes into the new year and beyond. @callmekatfox is awesome sauce!’

Another added: ‘I enjoyed #CallMeKat’s first episode but the laugh track especially doesn’t work here.’

One viewer tweeted: ‘CallMeKat was intriguing. Something different. Think I’ll watch it again. Just gotta remember to watch. I forget about Sunday shows sometimes.’





Another gushed: ‘@missmayim Just watched your premiere of @CallMeKatFOX and LOVED it! You & Mr. Jordan are a force to be reckoned with. Hits all the funny bones. #CallMeKat #meowvelous.’

However, other viewers were more critical of the series as one tweeted: ‘#CallMeKat was horrendous. Returned home to find it on after football game had ended. Big fan of everyone on the show. Managed to make it halfway through.

‘Wife and I agreed we would watch the second one but I’m not looking forward to it. 1/10 would not recommend.’




Another wrote: ‘CallMeKat was trying so hard to be funny and they were doing so much in one episode it felt like I watched the whole season as a compilation…’

One viewer commented: ‘Disappointed with #CallMeKat. The original British “Miranda” was truly original, quirky and eccentric- due mainly to creator/writer/star Miranda Hart.

‘The American adaptation appears forced and artificial. Proof that British tv comedy is difficult to translate to America.’

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The Big Bang Theory star co-produces the show based on British comedy Miranda (Picture: @missmayim)

TV critics had equally mixed reviews following the premiere as USA Today’s Kelly Lawler gave the show one-and-a-half stars out of four.

She called it a ‘predictable, humourless sitcom that wastes Bialik’s talents, as well as that of the rest of the cast’.

Elsewhere Decider’s Joel Keller stated he ‘really wanted Call Me Kat to work’ but claimed it was ‘too reliant on the fourth-wall breaks and other gimmicky devices’.

However, he praised the show’s ‘top notch’ supporting cast.

The Hollywood Reporter critic Robyn Bahr called Bialik’s performance a ‘return to form’ for the actress but claimed that the character’s charm ‘isn’t enough to illuminate her bland surroundings’.

CNN’s Brian Lowry called the show ‘tired and dated’ and claimed it had ‘predictable writing’.

He wrote: ‘Even the “cat cafe” concept feels underutilized, given the TV theory that you can never go wrong with cute pets. Granted, the image of “herding cats” exists for a reason, but they’re an appropriate mascot for a sitcom that barely earns one life, much less nine.’



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