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Cardi B and Offset are actually starring in the Baby Shark TV series and fans are ‘mind blown’

In the cross-over we were not expecting, Cardi B has really shown she’s a woman of many talents, and is set to star as a Baby Shark character in a new episode of Nickelodeon’s animated preschool series Baby Shark’s Big Show.

The Grammy-award winner will be transformed into rap icon Sharki B in The Seaweed Sway episode premiering on Monday, May 30.

The episode also features guest appearances by Cardi B’s family, with husband Offset as Offshark, and their daughter three-year-old daughter Kulture as Kulture Shark.

The programme’s lead characters, Baby Shark and William, will meet the purple Sharki B, who dons gold hoops and a pearl tiara, and is described as ‘seven seas-flashy, awe-inspiring and ruthlessly fun – but always 100% herself and fin-spires other fishies to do the same.’

The flashy, awe-inspiring and ruthlessly fun icon rings a few bells…

The Seaweed Sway is pretty catchy… (Picture: Nickelodeon)
Sharky B stars in gold hoops and a pearl tiara (Picture: Nickelodeon)
Offset stars as Offshark, with their daughter Kulture as Kulture Shark (Picture: Nickelodeon)

The official synopsis of the episode reads: ‘In the special episode, Baby Shark and William meet the ferociously fun rap icon Sharki B, who is swimming into Carnivore Cove to perform her splash hit dance craze, The Seaweed Sway.

‘Sharki asks Baby Shark and William to show her around town before her big concert and perform The Seaweed Sway with her on
stage that night.

‘As hard as William tries, he keeps messing up the final move of the dance. Luckily, thanks to the help of his friends and his musical icon
Sharki, William learns that the true secret to great dancing is doing it his own unique way.’

The couple welcomed their first child, Kulture, in 2018 (Picture: iamcardib/Instagram)
They also welcomed their son, Wave, in September last year (Picture: Cardi B / Instagram)

When the WAP rapper announced the collaboration last month, Twitter was pretty divided, with some users complaining: ‘Her music is not for kids.’

Others, however, were pretty impressed by the Bodak Yellow singer’s flexibilitiy.

‘Cardi B is multifaceted, one day she’s dropping a song like WAP, the next she’s interviewing Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, and the next day she’s appearing on Baby Shark,’ one person wrote.

Another added: ‘Idk who’s on Cardi B’s team but I’m quite mindblown that she’s involved with Baby Shark and at the same time doing drill music with a Blood wig on lol. I love the range but I’m shocked. Most rappers have to “tone it down” once they start getting certain deals.’






Baby Shark first became a phenomenon five years ago, quickly becoming YouTube’s most viewed video ever, and driving parents around the world crazy.

The nursery rhyme, created by Korean children’s education brand Pinkfong, quickly became a global phenomenon.

Baby Shark not only reached number six in the UK singles charts, but even has Kylie Jenner as one of its biggest fans, and has become a brand within its own right, with merch and live tours.

The song hasn’t come without its controversy, though, as reports revealed in October that prison guards had tortured inmates by playing Baby Shark on repeat.

The Seaweed Sway episode of Baby Shark’s Big Show premieres on NickJr on Monday, May 30 at 8am.


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