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Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins 2021: Kerry Katona becomes first celebrity quit after struggling to do 50 push ups

Kerry Katona had a tough start (Picture: Channel 4)

Kerry Katona became the first celebrity to throw in the towel in the second episode of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Sunday night’s instalment saw the recruits get put through their paces onces more under the watchful eye of ex-special forces soldiers Ant Middleton and his no-nonsense team.

He summoned the celebs outside early in the morning where he laid into them for failing to tie their shoe laces before coming out to meet him.

As punishment he made them all do 50 push ups, ordering the first person to finish the push ups to stay upright until the last person had completed them all.

Kerry struggled to do the push ups with Ant barking at her for not yet managing to complete 10.

When he demanded that she decide whether she wanted to persevere or hand in her number and leave, the former Atomic Kitten star decided she had had enough and gave her number to Ant, ending her time on the course.

The reality TV star was in floods of tears as she waited to speak to the SAS instructors.

‘It’s been amazing, I’ve actually loved it,’ Kerry said on her exit.

‘I’ve never looked at myself as a failure. It is what it is, if you didn’t achieve it then work harder.’

The former Atomic Kitten star was in tears (Picture: Channel 4)

Her departure came after she went through a brutal gas challenge, which she described as like being ‘suffocated’ as she was forced to breathe in tear gas.

During her interrogation she burst into tears when speaking about seeing her mum attempting suicide when she was younger.

Discussing her biggest challenges, she added: ‘Taking drugs at 14… She told me it was sherbert but it was speed. Foster home. Marriages, divorces…’

She also opened up about her relationship with ex George Kay who died in 2019.

When asked if the children witnessed her ex-husband being abusive, she said: ‘They heard the shouting. They saw the black eyes.’

‘The worst conversation I ever had was when I had to tell my five-year-old that her daddy had died,’ she added.

‘I’ve got to do right by my kids, because they’ve been through so much already.’

She wasn’t the only star to walk away in the episode, as TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson – who was previously treated for hypothermia – was told she could no longer continue as it wasn’t ‘medically’ safe for her to do so.

Ulrika was removed on medical grounds (Picture: Channel 4)

Speaking to medical professional Sandeep, he told her: ‘Medically I’m gonna be withdrawing you.’

Ulrika accepted his decision and was given a friendly farewell from Ant.

Ant said: ‘We can’t push you from a safety point of view. That’s the worry, that you would keep going to the point it wasn’t safe for you.’

Sunday’s episode saw the celebs take part in a terrifying hostage rescue situation, and perform a breath-taking backwards dive out of a helicopter into freezing water.

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins airs Sundays at 9pm on Channel 4.


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