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Cobra Kai: Ralph Macchio and William Zabka on still being kickass 36 years after Karate Kid

Cobra Kai season 3 is striking harder and faster than ever before – and actors William Zabka and Ralph Macchio are still enjoying the fight 36 years on.

First playing Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso back in 1984’s Karate Kid, the beloved revival is showing the characters in a whole new light, and even after nearly four decades, the pair are still being as kickass as ever.

Performing a lot of their own stunts within the karate fights, Zabka, 55, and Macchio, 59, are relishing in dusting off their abilities after so many years – even when they have a group of teens to go up against.

Speaking to about their roles, William, who was 18 when he first played Johnny, said: ‘I love it, I love doing the fights. We have proper time to rehearse, and to train and to choreograph, so it’s great, I love it.

‘We’re always hoping for at least one good fight, but we also like to leave it to the younger guys to carry the weight on that as Ralph says.

‘It’s a little bit [harder],’ he laughed. ‘You’re stretching a little bit longer and it takes a little longer to get the kicks high and to calibrate your spins and all that, but it’s a real fun.

My Celebrity Life –
Johnny and Daniel join forces for at least one fight during season three (Picture: Netflix)
My Celebrity Life –
Ralph and William are still loving their karate skills after 36 years (Picture: Netflix)

‘The physicality of the characters is part of their character – so get to express yourself in that way is is awesome.’

‘Nothing a little Epsom salt can’t take care of,’ he joked.

Ralph agreed and added the necessity for a ‘nice warm bath’ has become even more important now he’s back in action.

‘Everything takes longer and hurts more, but we do the proper prep time and you’ve got to be careful because you’re doing things over and over and at a high speed,’ he explained.

‘We don’t have the time like we had when we made the original film. So, that’s the most concerning thing.

‘We have those time constraints and you have to pound through them quickly, you just have to really remain focused and and spend a lot of time stretching before during and after.

‘A little ibuprofen by the bedside table – there’s more of that these days!’

My Celebrity Life –
Johnny (second left) was just 18 when he first wore the Cobra Kai gi (Picture: Columbia)

In Cobra Kai season three, Johnny and Daniel have a lot to be reconciling with, as their three-decade long feud has spilled over into a new generation, more deadly than before.

As a result of their petty squabbles, a full-on brawl involving Daniel’s daughter Sam (Mary Mouser), Johnny’s son Robby (Tanner Buchanan), and their respective dojos tore through the school.

It resulted in Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) being left in a coma after being kicked over a railing, with Robby on the run for causing the brutal blow.

But as things go from bad to worse, can they figure out a way to overcome their differences as a real evil begins to take over?

Cobra Kai season 3 launches January 1 on Netflix.


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