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Cobra Kai: Season 3 ending explained as Kreese wages war on Daniel and Johnny

***Warning: Cobra Kai season 3 spoilers ahead***

Cobra Kai Never Dies – but someone is going to have to quit soon with the fates of two dojos now firmly in the balance.

In fact, things have got so dangerous that Daniel and Johnny’s lifelong rivalry has been put aside to fight a bigger evil – the cold and cruel Kreese, who continues to manipulate the children into a literal army.

Things are getting personal with Johnny’s son Robby seemingly the biggest puzzle piece to fight over, and moments that nearly kill off several people involved.

This is all jam-packed into the last half hour.

Don’t worry, if there was anything you missed, here’s the essential bits.

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Hawk has some making up to do (Picture: Netflix)

Johnny and Daniel’s reunion

If there was anyone that was going to set Johnny and Daniel straight, it’s their old love Ali, who finally makes an appearance after last being seen in 1984’s Karate Kid.

The girl that started their rivalry, at a Christmas benefit dinner she reunites with them both, and turns the tables on them – allowing them to see that there’s more similarities between them than they cared to admit.

Johnny, who’s been pining after Ali since the 80s, finally realises he needs to let her go, and after a goodbye, goes to confess his love to Miguel’s mother, Carmen.

However, when he gets there, he discovers a horrifically injured Miguel, and knows somethings gone down.

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Tory leads a vicious ambush at LaRusso’s house to attack Sam (Picture: Netflix)

Cobra Kai Vs. Miyagi-Do

Knowing their best change to defeat Cobra Kai was to join forces, team Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang, led by Sam LaRusso and Miguel, meet up at LaRusso’s house to discuss what to do.

Unfortunately, it didn’t get them anywhere, with bad blood between the factions still too raw.

However, they were forced to think on their feet when Tory, Hawk and Cobra Kai invaded the house, starting a fresh brawl that gets increasingly out of hand.

Cobra Kai is brutally beating their rivals and playing dirty, but when Kyler high-fives Hawk, whom he used to bully, Hawk begins to realise he’s on the wrong team.

Seeing old friend Demetri nearly getting his arm broken again, he stops them, apologises and switches sides – revitalising team Miyagi-Fang (is that their name now?!)

Meanwhile, Tory corners Sam with their rivalry reaching dangerously perilous levels, but Sam gains the upper hand.

Walking away defeated, Tory declares it’ll ‘never be over’ between them, and storms off.

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Who will win the All Valley Tournament? (Picture: Netflix)

Cobra Kai showdown

With Johnny discovering a brutally battered Miguel and Daniel finding his house literally smashed to smithereens thanks to Cobra Kai, the pair separately head to the dojo to have it out with Kreese.

Johnny gets there first, and is devastated to discover his son Robby has been indoctrinated into the violent group.

Despite his pleas and refusal to fight back, Robby attacks him, blaming him for being a bad dad (to be fair – he has a point on that one), putting Miguel first (also correct) and saying that he’s better off with Kreese (which is so many levels of wrong we don’t know where to start).

Getting knocked out when Johnny blocks him, Kreese tries to strangle Johnny to death, and almost succeeds until Daniel swoops in and stops him last minute.

Gaining the upper hand on Kreese, Daniel goes in for the kill but is stopped by Sam and Miguel.

It’s then decided that in order to finish this fight once and for all, they will take their argument to the All Valley Tournament. The show ends with Daniel and Johnny officially becoming one dojo, uniting their strengths in a bid to take Cobra Kai down.

What happened to Kreese in Vietnam?

John Kreese is obsessed with war and the idea of no mercy, and fans of the show finally discovered why in season three.

As a meek and bullied cafe worker, a young Kreese signed up to the Army at the time of Vietnam, coming into his own as a well-oiled soldier.

However, after hesitating during a raid, Kreese was responsible for several of his fellow soldiers, including his captain, held as Prisoners of War.

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Kreese’s story was revealed on the series (Picture: Netflix)

Their Vietnamese captors then forced them to fight to the death over a pit of cobras, with Kreese’s guilt being made worse by his merciless Captain.

Finally having enough, Kreese offers to stand in for his friend Terry Silver in a fight, facing off against the Captain once and for all.

In their brutal fight, Kreese gains the upper hand and the Captain is left hanging on by his fingers to stop from falling in the pit.

Their allies at that moment thankfully come in to save them, but rather than let the Captain live, Kreese kicks him in, before setting his fellow prisoners free at last.

Silver, forever thankful for Kreese saving his life, pledges his allegiance to him.

When is Cobra Kai season 4 released?

Cobra Kai season 4 has been confirmed – but unfortunately it has yet to be given a release date.

Season three of the series was made during the transition period of the show moving from YouTube Premium to Netflix, and it’s unknown if season four has even started shooting yet.

As a result, it’s not clear when the new episodes will be released.

Cobra Kai is available now on Netflix.


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