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Colleague of nurse who was drugged and murdered recalls moment he realised who killer was: ‘At that minute I knew he’d done it’


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Kevin Cobb was charged with drugging and killing Susan Annis (Picture: Crime + Investigation)

The former colleague of nurse Susan Annis who was drugged and murdered in 1996 by another nurse has recalled the moment he realised who her killer was.

The horrific details will unfold in Kym Marsh’s new crime documentary, Murder At My Door.

Annis was a dedicated nurse practising at Crawley General hospital in Sussex when in November 1996, aged 31, she went on a nursing course.

But tragedy struck when she fell into a coma in her room after inviting fellow nurse Kevin Cobb, who she was on the course with, in for a drink.

Cobb had drugged Annis with a sedative called midazolam, but because of her heart condition, mixing alcohol with the drug had fatal consequences.

Despite Cobb’s and doctor’s best efforts, Annis died in her room, and at the inquest, the coroner dismissed any suspicions and recorded an open verdict.

My Celebrity Life –

Susan was drugged and murdered in 1996(Picture: Crime + Investigation)

However, a colleague of Annis’ and a family friend, Doctor John Parsley, never let go of his suspicion as he had always believed that something about the nurse’s death wasn’t right.

‘I knew Susan’s boyfriend and her GP and with her inquest, her boyfriend asked me to come along because he had never been to an inquest before,’ he told us.

‘So we went along to the inquest with her parents and her brother and her GP came along as well.

My Celebrity Life –

Kevin Cobb was charged with Susan’s murder (Picture: PA)

‘When the coroner said she had the drug midazolam in her stomach, I just looked at her GP and we just thought “This is wrong”.’

Something about his former colleague’s death didn’t sit right with Dr Parsley, so he decided to investigate it further himself.

After raising his suspicion with the coroner and proving that the drug shouldn’t have been in her stomach, Dr Parsley claims that at the time ‘they (the coroner) didn’t do anything about it’.

It wasn’t until three years later at a party, that Dr Parsley discovered what had actually happened to Annis – and who her killer was.

My Celebrity Life –

Dr John Parsley had his suspicions all along (Picture: Crime + Investigation)

‘I was invited to a retirement party by one of the Nursing Sisters and she told me to get there early so we could have a catch up,’ he continued.

‘When we were talking she said “Isn’t it a shame about Kevin?” and I said “What’s he done now?”.

‘She said to me “Well I can’t quite believe it, he’s raped a girl in casualty, and the funny thing is that girl had midazolam in her blood”. And at that minute, I knew he had done it (killed Susan) and that it was all genuine.’

Dr Parsley phoned the police straight away and suggested they look at the nurse’s death again.

Officers then spoke to Charing Cross Hospital toxicology department.

The clinician there was always suspicious that Annis’ death was anything but ‘natural,’ and had gone against protocol and kept her stomach contents in the hope the case may be reopened.

It soon became clear to detectives that the inquest’s conclusions had been seriously flawed, and they immediately treated the investigation as murder with one prime suspect, Kevin Cobb.

Over the course of the investigation, more women came forward, claiming they may have been sedated and raped by him, and in April 2000, Cobb went to the Old Bailey for the 1996 murder of Annis.

After a six-week trial, Cobb wasn’t found guilty of murder, but manslaughter, two counts of rape, and four for administering drugs to commit sexual assault. He was sentenced to seven life terms.

The four-part series Murder at my Door with Kym Marsh premieres on CRIME+INVESTIGATION with the fourth episode airing tonight.

Episodes will be available for 30 days on catch up and on-demand services.

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