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Come Dine With Me: 10 worst meals of all time

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Not everyone is a natural in the kitchen. (Picture: Channel 4)

To do well on Come Dine With Me, nobody really knows what exactly makes the winning formula.

How do you score a perfect 40… or a complete zero?

Though these contestants may have scraped a few points on their entertainment alone, the meals themselves were enough to turn their guests’ stomachs.

Let’s look at some of the worst Come Dine With Me meals in the history of the show…

Come Dine With Me’s top 10 cooking disasters

Raw chicken

So, there’s been a few circumstances of raw chicken on Come Dine With Me – but Edith and Martin’s came at a time when tensions were already high.

They also kept repeating that the chicken had been in the oven for ‘ages’ which is perhaps the most worrying part. Just how did it come out so pink still?

Indian sweets that taste like ‘skin’

Now, Charles appeared on our list of Come Dine With Me cheats, for ordering in bhajis from the local pub.

And that wasn’t the worst of his sins.

He served up an Indian inspired dessert that was compared to flesh.

Come closer, Clarisse…

Irn-Bru float

The thought was here. It’s like a Scottish take on an ice-cream float.

However, it didn’t go quite to plan. The ice cream seemed to sink and dissolve, leading to essentially a curdled Irn-Bru.

Soupless Thai soup

Not the worst on the list, but soup has to have the consistency of, what shall we call it, soup?

Rob promised a spicy Thai soup but accidentally left all the liquid to be soaked up, resulting in a serving of bland vegetables and chunks of chicken.

Dry beef

Like Rob’s soup, this one isn’t technically a disaster.

Everything was cooked, everything was perfectly edible – it just wouldn’t be an enjoyable meal…unless you had ample drinks on hand to rehydrate your dry mouth.

Still, he did include protein and vegetables on the dish, two of the most important food groups.

Pretty much everything Sophie and Lucas cooked

From chicken wings made with cherry coke to bacon roly-poly, Couples Come Dine With Me’s Sophie and Lucas wanted their theme to be ‘looks can be deceiving’.

Unfortunately for them, their guests definitely judged a book by its cover – and their verdict seemed fair.

Chicken with a side of toothpick

It should be a rule of thumb that your meals shouldn’t injure your guests.

Kate gets some bonus points for constantly calling the toothpicks embedded in her food ‘cocktail sticks’ though – sounds less daunting.

Chocolate mousse that needed a straw

Chocolate mousse should never have the consistency it did here.

Watching it drip from the spoons looking close to porridge was a good indication that not everything went to plan.

Again, some bonus points for the generosity of offering guests a straw to suck it all up.

Microwave steaks

Claire’s steak americana most definitely earns its place on the list.

She combines steak with generous servings of barbecue sauce and pre-shredded cheese… and then it all gets chucked into a microwave.

Talk about a big mis-steak.

The sausage trifle

A social media favourite, we couldn’t neglect to include Annie Rose’s obsession with sausages.

She included them in her starter and her main – which is a lot, but understandable – but then she mixed sweet and savoury with a dessert that feels plucked straight from Friends. Rachel’s beef trifle, anyone?

Come Dine With Me airs weekdays at 5pm on Channel 4.

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