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Competition addict wins free IVF treatment that sees her give birth to son after 9 years of trying

On tonight’s episode of Martin Lewis Extreme Savers, a woman revealed she won her baby through a competition, saving her thousands of pounds.

Katrina Stevenson is a 31-year-old woman from the Isle of Wight who had been trying to conceive for nine years.

A dedicated competition enterer, she has won £20,000 worth of prizes, but the most priceless thing she has won is her son Dylan.

‘My best win, it evens sounds crazy saying it, is my son. I won free IVF treatment abroad in Norway. We were trying for nine years, we had four losses, we were struggling to save for IVF,’ she said on the programme.

‘So I put all of my energy into trying to find if there were any IVF competitions, I was doing it for a good couple of weeks and then I came across an advert in a magazine.’

Katrina didn’t think anything would come of it, so she was shocked when only a few weeks later she received a call saying she was the competition winner.

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Katrina won an IVF competition which led to the birth of her son Dylan (Picture: ITV)

While the first round of IVF was unsuccessful, Katrina and her then-partner were allowed to fly back to Norway for a second time, to implant a frozen embryo she had stored there.

‘It was strange because I just knew, I kept saying, “It’s worked, I’m convinced of it”. After nine years you get used to looking at tests and thinking “is it?” but it was so definite,’ she shared.

‘I let the team know at work, everything was so emotional, they were so invested and it was such a beautiful experience. It felt like we all made a baby, it was so lovely.’

Katrina had first started entering competitions on her lunch break at work. The amount of time she spent doing it then snowballed, as she spent all of her free time going through magazines or searching online.

Host Martin explained: ‘Comping isn’t just doing the odd competition, it’s about systematically spending hours a week maximising the number you can enter in the minimum amount of time, often by using online forums where people share all of their tips and techniques.’

The 31-year-old would scour the internet for tips on how to win and would regularly visit her friends successful competition page on Facebook.

All of Katrina’s hard work paid off, as her son Dylan is now an adorable two year old.

‘Dylan is the strongest, cheekiest but most well-behaved child I’ve ever met in my life. I just feel so blessed to have him,’ she said.

‘The meds and the treatment alone was an incredible amount and on top of that there was the travel, flying back out and I had the accommodation cost, it’s just stuff I never would have been able to do but it was just all taken care of for me.’

Martin Lewis Extreme Savers airs on ITV on Wednesdays at 8pm.

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