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Could this new Lego Friends Apartments set BE any cooler? (The answer is: no)

Checking in on Lego Ugly Naked Guy (pic: Lego)

Friends is back in Lego form, with recreations of both Monica and Joey’s apartments and seven minifigures – even including Janice.

A Lego recreation of Central Perk from Friends is the sort of thing you never realised you needed in your life until you saw it, but the original set was such a success that there’s now a follow-up and it is, like, the best thing ever.

The set includes the apartments of Rachel and Monica, as well as Joey and Chandler’s and the hallway in-between. Like the Central Perk model, it’s specifically meant to be the TV set itself, complete with studio lights looming down from above.

There are a ton of other details though, many referencing specific episodes, plus you get seven minifigures, including Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, Joey, and Janice.

As Janice would say: oh. my. god! (pic: Lego)

The minifigures are all different from the ones in the Central Perk set and include Ross in his tight leather trousers, Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes at once, and Janice who wasn’t part of the original set at all.

With all those figures you can then recreate that time Monica put the Thanksgiving turkey on her head, Phoebe’s dollhouse burnt to the ground, and everything from the poking device to the cheesecake that fell on the floor and Phoebe’s creepy artwork.

You’ve also got Joey and Chandler’s canoe, the chick and duck, and Pat the dog. Plus, since it’s Lego, you can make anything else yourself and add it to the display.

The stop motion fan videos are going to be epic (pic: Lego)

Lego sets are never cheap and this one’s £134.99, but that’s not actually bad at all given the number of bricks and the fact that it’s a licensed set.

Depending on how you display it, given the individual rooms are all detachable, the set is 31cm long, 64cm wide, and 10cm tall. It’s made up of 2,048 pieces and has an age rating of 18+ (for difficulty, not the leather trousers).

Lego Friends Apartments, set number 10292, will be available from May 19 if you’re a Lego VIP member (which you can sign up for free here) or June 1 for everyone else, from Lego stores and the Lego website.

What Friends fan could be without it? (pic: Lego)

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