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Daily Show reporter Jordan Klepper confronts MAGA protesters ahead of Capitol riots

The Daily Show correspondent and comedian Jordan Klepper has revealed his experience at the Capitol riots last week as he confronted members of MAGA nation.

Filmed before rioters stormed the Capitol building, Klepper was seen having revealing conversations with Donald Trump supporters who refused to accept that he lost the election to Joe Biden.

In the latest installment of Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse, the correspondent asked two women: ‘Do you think it’s possible that a president who never pulled above 50 per cent lost the election [and] is sore about it?’

As they shook their heads, the women responded: ‘Absolutely not’.

He then approached a man holding a pitchfork who was shouting: ‘We are gonna clean this place out, one way or another.

When Klepper asked the man why he felt the need to hold a farming tool at a political rally, the insurrectionist replied: ‘We’re not asking for violence right now.’

Klepper warned him: I gotta tell ya, from the movies I’ve seen, the hoards of people holding the pitchforks are usually the bad guys.’


‘You can tell these people really love America by the number of weapons they brought to hurt other Americans,’ Klepper then stated sarcastically when passing by a crowd of Proud Boys.

In an exchange with one MAGA-hatted Trump fan who claimed to be ‘educating’ himself but hadn’t yet ready the U.S. Constitution, Klepper advised: ‘It’s remarkably short… you should read it, because you might be committing a seditious act today.’

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The reporter spoke to Trump supporters as they marched to Capitol (Picture: YouTube)

As the crowd got closer to Capitol building, one of the cameramen was pushed to the ground by a rioter, who could then be heard yelling that he – not the cameraman – had been assaulted.

When loud bangs began, Klepper and his team made their exit as he quipped: ‘Thunder? Cannon? Tear gas? Let’s not wait to find out.’

The riots at the Capitol on January 6 led to the death of five people including a police officer who died of injuries he sustained at the protest.

Capitol Police reported that over 50 officers sustained injuries, many of which needed hospital treatment.


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