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David Tennant and Alex Kingston return to Doctor Who as Tenth Doctor and River Song reunite

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David Tennant and Alex Kingston are returning to their Doctor Who roles (Picture: BBC)

David Tennant and Alex Kingston are set to reunite for a Doctor Who adventure for the first time since 2008.

The pair are reprising their roles as the Tenth Doctor and River Song for three audio stories for Big Finish Productions.

It’s the first time Ten and River have reunited since their two-part story for Silence In The Library and The Forest of the Dead, which aired 12 years ago.

David, who played the Doctor for five years, said of the reunion: ‘What’s fascinating about this relationship is that they’re both at different stages of it and my Doctor is baffled by her.

‘And doesn’t understand why she’s being so flirty. It doesn’t really compute.

‘Over the course of these three stories he certainly softens towards her ways. It’s an interesting thing to play. How wonderful that it’s possible and what a treat that we can still tell these stories.’

Alex added: ‘I thought that it was a lovely, sad, encapsulated story arc, where she sacrifices herself and you never really fully get to know what happened between them.’

My Celebrity Life –

They starred together in a two-parter in 2008 (Picture: BBC)

The series consists of three episodes – Expiry Dating, Precious Annihilation, and Ghosts – which are out for release now.

Not much has been given away about the episodes, with a description reading: ‘The Doctor knows that River Song is a part of his future. A maddening, intriguing, but inevitable part.

‘Their lives are becoming inextricably intertwined, but in these early days – for the Doctor at least – they must navigate their relationship without too many spoilers.

‘Whatever her past, and the Doctor’s future, holds, River will make sure that he has fun untangling the mystery…’

Consider us intrigued.

For the uninitiated, the series four episodes marked the first time the Doctor met his wife River – and the last time she would meet him, due to their different timelines.

David returned to the Whoniverse earlier this year, for his first Big Finish adventure.

Meanwhile, it’s been a big week for reunions, after it was announced John Barrowman will be returning to his role as Captain Jack Harkness for this year’s festive special, Revolution of the Daleks.

We can’t wait!

Big Finish’s Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and River Song is out now, and Revolution of the Daleks will air on BBC One over the festive period.


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