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Demi Lovato shares GB News clip explaining use of they/them pronouns for non-binary people

Demi Lovato has shared a clip of a presenter on GB News stressing how simple it is to use they/them pronouns for people who are non-binary.

In May this year, Demi, 28, came out as non-binary, sharing that they changed their pronouns to they/them as they felt it represents ‘the fluidity I feel in my gender expression’ and allows them to be ‘authentic and true’.

In their Instagram post, the singer wrote: ‘This has come after a lot of healing and self-reflective work. I’m still learning and coming into myself, and I don’t claim to be an expert or a spokesperson.’

While taking part in a recent segment on GB News in a clip shared by Demi on Instagram, political commentator Tom Harwood emphasised during a discussion with other presenters that using they/them pronouns isn’t ‘changing language’.

‘But I would say that we’re not changing language,’ Tom said, as someone else in the background argued: ‘But we are!’

Tom continued, stating: ‘If I were to talk to someone who is a bloke, I would say “he”. If I was to talk to someone who is a woman, I’d say “she”.

‘If I was to talk about someone who I didn’t know what their gender was, what would I call them? What would I call them? Oh wait, I just did it three times. I said they and them, and it sounded completely normal.’

Demi had re-shared the Instagram post from Matt Bernstein, which featured the GB News clip alongside several other slides, writing in the caption: ‘There’s nothing new about they + them.’

Numerous people left supportive messages for the musician in the comments underneath the post, with Orlando Bloom commenting: ‘Helpful and we all learning to evolve.’

‘Imagine caring about someone using they/them pronouns when we live in a world where people still can’t figure out the correct forms of your and you’re,’ someone else commented.

‘English teacher here. They has been used as a singular pronoun for centuries and it is not grammatically incorrect,’ another Instagram user said.

Demi Lovato recently opened up about their non-binary identity, saying that it’s okay if people sometimes misgender them, as long as they’re ‘trying to respect my truth’.

‘If you misgender me – that’s okay,’ Demi wrote, admitting that they ‘accidentally misgender myself sometimes’.

‘It’s a huge transition to to change the pronouns I’ve used for myself my entire life. And it’s difficult to remember sometimes!’

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