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Denise Welch explodes at Kaye Adams as she rages against lockdown restrictions in heated Loose Women debate

The topic of lockdown is continuing to be divisive on Loose Women as Monday’s show saw a heated spat between panellists Denise Welch and Kaye Adams who are on opposing sides when it comes to following government guidelines in the ongoing pandemic.

Denise has been vocal about her views on lockdown rules while Kaye argued that people should listen to those in charge as they have more information than the Hollyoaks actress.

She was warned by lead anchor Kaye to be mindful of the views expressed about the pandemic ‘in a public forum’.

‘I will no longer abide by rules that make absolutely no sense on not keeping me safe and not keeping my family safe,’ Denise stated.

Kaye replied that ‘that way lies anarchy, if we all make it up ourselves.’

Denise shot back: ‘But maybe there has to be a little bit of anarchy. There was two million people on a march on Saturday, very few people covered that march.

Denise has been consistently critical of lockdown guidelines (Picture: ITV)

‘When the news later that night said, “What do you think has happened to make Matt Hancock resign after 48 hours?”

‘Well, possibly two million people on a march for freedom. Those people were in the majority. People have lost their freedom. They are not anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists in the majority.

‘I’m sick of being careful about expressing an opinion on anything.’

The soap star, keen to get her point heard, also butted in as the host described the Covid-19 pandemic as the worst post-war health crisis UK has faced.

Kaye started: ‘At the end of the day, in the biggest health crisis we have faced in the last century, am I gonna go out and ask two million what you think, and what we should do?’

Kaye wants to leave guidelines to those who have more information on the pandemic (Picture: ITV)

Denise retorted: ‘Kaye, it’s no longer the biggest health crisis. We have the vaccination. If the vaccination works, we have to move forward.

‘We are never going to cover the deaths and the undiagnosed illnesses.’

Kaye replied: ‘I respect your view and that you’re able to express your views but at the end of the day, I feel, that we have no option but to put ourselves in the hands of some experts.

‘To be brutal, if I’ve got to listen to either you or Professor Chris Whitty I’m gonna go with Professor Chris Whitty.’

Denise snapped: ‘Well go with Chris Whitty and be in lockdown forever then. It’s up to you.’

The 63-year-old previously fumed on social media about not being allowed to travel in an ambulance with her sick father Vin as fans were allowed to crowd together to watch the Euros.

‘I’ve tried to call out this hypocrisy for over a year. I came off Twitter as I was called a Covid denier. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I knew this would happen,’ she said.

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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