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Doctor Who series 13: Is the Master returning? Mandip Gill weighs in on fan theory

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Mandip Gill gave her take on the fan theory (Picture: BBC)

Doctor Who star Mandip Gill has reacted to an intriguing fan theory that the Master is set to return in series 13.

The Yaz actress has spoken about her love of fan theories, after some have been left convinced that Sacha Dhawan is set to reprise his role as the Master in Doctor Who: Flux.

When asked to describe series 13 in one word, showrunner Chris Chibnall previously baffled us all by saying: ‘Swarm’.

However, when it was revealed which monsters the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) will be up against – the Sontarans, the Weeping Angels, and the Ravagers – things became a little clearer.

If we assume the first letters of the villains’ names make up the anagram SWARM, it only leaves an M – potentially for ‘Master’?

Keeping tight lipped, Mandip told ‘I’m not gonna say anything because what I say will tell the answer but in a way I don’t want to tell you!

‘I thought it was brilliant how [fans] thought they figured it out, but when they see it, I think they’ll be like, “Ah yeah!” I really wish I could tell you more!’

My Celebrity Life –
Mandip stars alongside Jodie Whittaker and John Bishop in the new series (Picture: BBC Studios/James Pardon)

‘But I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it on social media where they think that from the anagram,’ she continued. ‘I love fan theories, I love looking at them, reading them, seeing them.

‘I love how involved the fans are. I was saying earlier, I always liken them to football fans because they are so invested in the series and this whole universe.

‘Even if they don’t particularly like one episode, they’ll still watch it next week. They’re so loyal and invested. But I just love how they’ve got their own versions of things.

My Celebrity Life –
Sacha made his first appearance in series 12 (Picture: BBC / Ben Blackall l)

‘The things I’ve read are never random, it’s like, “That’s great, that could actually happen.””

Sacha made his first appearance in series 12, making a surprise return for the character.

As for what we can definitely expect from this series, Mandip teased: ‘It’s definitely bigger than we’ve done before in terms of characters, emotions, sets, costume, prosthetics, everything just steps up that little bit.

‘There’s lots of unanswered questions that are answered, there’s more questions that are posed, and there’s lots of real emotions!’

 ‘I cried and I don’t really cry,’ she admitted.

‘People behind the camera cried, so I think hopefully – I don’t want [fans] to cry, but they should cry!’

Doctor Who: Flux will consist of all one story and will see the return of Jodie as the Doctor and Mandip as Yaz alongside newbies John Bishop (Dan) and Jacob Anderson (Vinder).

Not long to go now…

Doctor Who: Flux launches on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 6:25pm on October 31.


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