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Doctor Who series 13: Showrunner Chris Chibnall hints at comeback for the swarm

Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall has sent fans into a frenzy after describing the upcoming series 13 as ‘swarm’.

After revealing that the new season of the beloved BBC sci-fi will focus on one storyline, breaking away from the usual ‘monster of the week’ format, the creator gave a hint as to what viewers can expect as he spoke at San Diego Comic Con @ Home on Sunday.

While cast members Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill and John Bishop branded the incoming episodes as ‘riveting’, ‘inspirational’, and ‘mysterious’, Chibnall threw a major curveball prompting Whovians to search for meaning.

Was Chibnall referring to The Swarm, an intelligent virus, that appeared in season 15’s The Invisible Enemy? Possibly.

The 1997 monster was a parasitic virus that wreaked havoc and had the ability to assume many forms.

The Nucleus of the Swarm was the control centre for the beast, which was a tiny creature with a prawn-like appearance.

Chris Chibnall has described Doctor Who series 13 as ‘swarm’ (Picture: YouTube)

In the year 5000, the Nucleus took control of the Fourth Doctor’s (played by Tom Baker) brain but all power was stopped when the Doctor didn’t think.

The villain eventually escaped through the Time Lord’s tear ducts and was enlarged to human-size by the TARDIS’ relative dimensional stabiliser.

When The Nucleus tried hatching a hive of its Swarm on Titan Base, the Doctor ignited Titan’s atmosphere, destroying the Base along with the Nucleus and its hive.






But Chibnall’s ‘swarms’ reference could also mean that Vashta Nerada, the microscopic beings that lived in swarms, are returning.

In small numbers, the Vashta Nerada weren’t seen as a threat, with the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) claiming that some of the dust specks visible in bright sunlight represented a single Vashta Nerada.

However, in big groups, they could strip a creature to its bare bones in milliseconds.

Stumped by Chibnall’s clue, fans shared their hunches on social media.

‘Did he say SWARM!??? Could it be……Vashta Nerada?’ asked one, while another wrote: ‘Swarm? Invisible Enemy?? Having a virus as the Big Bad would be topical.’

Whatever Chibnall meant, consider our interest piqued.

Doctor Who will return to the BBC later this year.

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