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Dr Hilary Jones warns Covid vaccine will put ‘massive pressure on NHS GPs’ as they’re forced to step away from main duties

Dr Hilary Jones has warned that GPs and the NHS are about to face a brand new pressure in the race to roll out the coronavirus vaccine.

Following the breakthrough trials of a vaccine that has proven to be 90% effective, the UK has bought 10million vials of the new drug, which could help eliminate the Covid threat.

It was announced yesterday the vaccine could be ready for distribution in just three weeks time, sparking massive relief to those who are struggling in lockdown.

However, it comes with a catch, as the vaccine has to be kept at the subzero temperature of -70 degrees centigrade in order to effectively work.

As a result, when GPs start administering the injections, they’ll be on a limited time period to get it done, taking them away from hundreds of patients in need of medical care that’s not Covid related.

‘It will be a massive logistical challenge, it really will,’ Dr Hilary explained on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain. ‘GPs are being put forward as the sort of lead of the vaccination program with the help of the military, with perhaps nursing and medical students enrolled, retired medics coming in.

Dr Hilary said the vaccine comes with a huge catch for GPs (Picture: ITV)

‘But yes, if we’re going to vaccinate the entire population eventually, this is a massive process.

‘Logistically, the problem is that the vaccine is unstable, it has to be stored at minus 70 degrees. So you can imagine that not every GP surgery is equipped to be able to to keep the vaccine at that temperature.

‘So, the doses will be have to give an en masse in one block if you’d like. So 500 at a time, which means, perhaps two GPs working flat out 12 hour shifts, over the weekend, on bank holidays, etc, taking away their skills from the routine work that they normally do.’

The Covid vaccine needs to be kept at sub zero temperatures in order to work (Picture: Reuters)

Yesterday, the UK numbers of those that have died with coronavirus reached 49,770 people.

While the vaccine is good news, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned people ‘not to get complacent’ as this is just the start of a road to recovery.

Speaking at a Downing Street press conference on Monday, he said: ‘I must stress that these are very, very early days.

‘I can tell you that tonight that toot of the bugle is louder, but it’s still some way off, we absolutely cannot rely on this news as a solution.

‘The biggest mistake we could make now would be to slacken our resolve at a critical moment.’

Lockdown 2 is currently set to end in December 2.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.


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