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Dr Hilary shuts down obese zumba instructor defending Cosmopolitan cover: ‘It can’t be defined as healthy’

Dr Hilary Jones was forced to shut down an obese zumba instructor who defended the controversial Cosmopolitan magazine cover, which has been accused of glamourising an ‘unhealthy’ body image.

Piers Morgan led the debate about Cosmo’s February 2021 issue which features a Black plus-size woman pulling an exercise pose alongside the caption ‘this is healthy’, promoting a feature that wellness doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all.

On Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain, Piers and Susanna Reid spoke to blogger and zumba instructor Samantha Coote who said she was classed as obese and praised the magazine for celebrating all body types.

‘Some obese people are not healthy,’ Samantha stated before adding: ‘I’m a size 18 and weigh 15 stone, you might look at me and think I’m not healthy, I’m probably more healthy than most people.’

Piers – who recently clashed with Malin Andersson over the issue – argued: ‘There’s nothing to celebrate about being obese during a pandemic when you’re 70% more likely to fall ill with coronavirus, why are we celebrating that?’ to which Samantha replied: ‘Mental health is imperative as well.’

Stepping into the debate, Dr Hilary told the guest: ‘I hate to disagree with Sam who looks great but I do think it’s unhealthy. When you’re overweight, you’re much more likely to have metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, greater risk of heart disease and strokes.

‘The more years you spend overweight, the shorter your life will be.’ The GP continued: ‘You could be really flexible, you could get on a treadmill today and feel wonderful, it’s great self-esteem but unfortunately in medical terms it cannot be defined as healthy.

‘There isn’t really an argument because if you’ve got visceral fat which means your waist circumference for a woman is more than 34 inches, you’re much more likely to have heart disease in the future.’


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Cosmopolitan has been accused of glamourising obesity with their February 2021 cover (Picture: Cosmopolitan UK)


Health coach Mandy Platt also sat in on the discussion but disagreed with Samantha and argued: ‘It’s totally irresponsible for a magazine to write a front cover as they did.’

Piers then elaborated on his earlier point and said: ‘When I say shameful, I mean Cosmo is being shameful… Cosmo now seems to be spending most of its time putting obese people on its covers and trying to convince us this is healthy.’

Baywatch star David Hasselhoff was the next guest ready to be interviewed and seemed entertained by the debate, laughing as the segment cut to him.

However, the actor refused to be drawn into the debate despite Piers and Susanna’s attempts and stated: ‘I’m out of this. Are we really going to get into this?

‘I’m not going to get into this because my daughter’s been on the show and she’s obese.’

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 


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