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Dr Pimple Popper scoops out pus from a giant ‘creme brulee’ cyst with a spoon

Dr Pimple Popper really does have an iron stomach – and in the latest episode ends up scooping thick pus from a man’s arm with a metal spoon.

The medical expert, real name Sandra Lee, helps out 51-year-old Marty who has been left struggling with a growth on his arm ‘the size of a softball’.

‘My bump is soft in the middle and it’s hard around the outside and it’s tender to the touch,’ he said, explaining it’s been growing for 30 years and has even previously burst.

In fact, it’s now so painful that his arm keeps falling asleep and losing feeling.

‘I’ve seen a doctor three times over, they just take a knife and just put a little bitty cut down below it. They got not even a third of what I got out of it,’ he said.

‘I’ve lost hope in the doctors trying to do anything, and I’ve thought about just taking care of it myself.’

My Celebrity Life –

Dr Lee used a sterilised spoon to extract the pus from Marty’s arm (Picture: TLC)

Travelling to Texas to Dr Lee’s in California, disaster strikes when the lump pops before he’s able to get on the plane, with it bursting in his sleep.

Determining it to be an epidermoid cyst, Dr Lee gets to work and explains that at times they put so much pressure on the skin they burst through.

But with so much thick pus in the wound as she opens it, the doctor soon asks for a spoon so she can scoop it out.

‘The bad news is that this is a really big mess,’ she explained. ‘I can imagine that some of this has liquified so I can’t even find the edges.. This looks like a lot of work.’

My Celebrity Life –

Marty got nervous during the procedure and took a cigarette break (Picture: TLC)

My Celebrity Life –

Dr Lee’s assistant commented that the pus looked like creme brulee as it was removed (Picture: TLC)

But soon Marty’s agitated and nervous, and begins to fidget despite needing to sit still as she continues to work on his wound.

She eventually lets him out for a cigarette break in the middle of the operation in a bif to calm his nerves.

Dr Lee’s assistant later shares her thoughts about the thick liquid coming out of Marty’s arm, telling her boss: ‘It kind of looked like Crème Brûlée when you were scooping it out with a spoon.’

Finally able to complete the task, Dr Lee is able to stitch him up and Marty already seems a million times better.

‘I’ve had that thing for 30 years, it’s kind of sore right now but I’m looking forward to getting out and around people again!’ he said.

Dr Pimple Popper airs 10pm on Thursdays on TLC, and streams on discovery+.

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