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Dr Pimple Popper slices open ‘smiling’ head cyst that oozes apple sauce-like liquid

The latest episode of Dr Pimple Popper sees Dr Sandra Lee tackle a golf ball-sized ball on the back of a man’s head, admitting that she’s worried about the cyst ‘squirting’ at her.

Mike, 53, has been reluctant to go to the doctor’s for years, having stormed out the last time he was at a doctor’s office when he was told he was obese.

That’s meant that for the past 15 years, he hasn’t had the growing bump on the back of his head checked out, which he said feels ‘kind of hard’ and ‘tender at times’.

‘The biggest restriction that I have with this bump being on my head is getting in and out of cars,’ he said. ‘I’ll hit my head on the doorsill and it definitely causes a quick little jolt.’

It was Mike’s partner, Marilyn, who finally convinced him to put his aversion to doctors to one side after she showed him a picture of the cyst on his head.

‘I didn’t really know how big it was,’ Mike stated. ‘When I saw it, it kind of scared me a little bit.’

My Celebrity Life –
Mike has been reluctant to go to the doctor for years (Picture: TLC)

In Dr Pimple Popper, Mike travels with Marilyn to Dr Sandra’s California office, who – after inspecting the lump – jokes with him: ‘You’ve got an eye on the back of your head, huh?’

Putting Mike at ease with her light-hearted humour, she informs him that she believes the bump is a pilar cyst, before setting to work by numbing with local anaesthetic in her clinic.

‘I’m hoping that Mike’s pilar cyst is going to pop out nice and whole, and there’s not going to be any obstacles,’ Dr Sandra says.

‘Will it be grumpy like he shows himself on the outside, or is it going to be soft and cuddly like I know he is on the inside?’

After Dr Sandra confesses that ‘sometimes they squirt at me’ in her line of work with cysts, Mike comically remarks: ‘I’ll try and hold it in.’

My Celebrity Life –
Dr Sandra Lee sets to work on Mike’s golf ball-sized cyst (Picture: TLC)
My Celebrity Life –
Despite his initial hesitancy, Mike is relieved when the procedure is over (Picture: TLC)

Using a scalpel to get into the cyst, Dr Sandra tells Mike that the lump ‘looks like a little smile, like an evil smile’, before apple sauce-like liquid starts to ooze out.

‘It’s not brains coming out, thank goodness,’ the doctor says, before managing to extract a ball of tissue from the back of his head.

Despite evidently feeling more at ease in the doctor’s office with Dr Sandra, Mike tells her that he intends on taking out his stitches himself.

‘I’ll take the stitches out myself. I took my braces off, I’m sure I can take out my own stitches,’ he says, leaving Dr Sandra shocked.

Elsewhere on Dr Pimple Popper, a woman is seen by the doctor whose left earlobe developed an ulcer and split in two after being stretched for years.

Dr Pimple Popper airs at 10pm on Thursdays exclusively on TLC and is available to stream on discovery+.

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