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Dr Pimple Popper squirted with blood as she removes 21-year-old ‘ballbag’ keloid

*Warning: The following article and the video above feature graphic images*

Dr Pimple Popper had her work cut out on the latest episode of the show, after being squirted with blood while removing a 21-year-old ‘ballbag’ keloid.

This week’s instalment saw 38-year-old JD enter the surgery after having issues with a large growth on his left ear. He wanted it removed before his wedding later this year.

‘I have this bubble on my ear,’ JD said. ‘It’s the size of a pear and it’s shaped like a pear. It goes like from skinny, then fat at the end of it.’

‘Sometimes if I’m moving my face really fast, the bubble just starts slapping me,’ he added. ‘It started when I was 13, and it was the size of a quarter. But after the years, it just formed into one big one that just dropped. It’s heavy. You can see how it just pulls on my ear.’

‘Sometimes it will give off an odour, like if I’m sweating, so therefore I got to keep it washed,’ he says. ‘It gives off a bad smell.’

My Celebrity Life –

JD arrived at the surgery after having the growth for 21 years (Picture: TLC)

My Celebrity Life –

JD visited Dr Sandra’s surgery on this week’s show (Picture: TLC_

JD also revealed that the growth has had an impact on his mental health.

‘Depression is real,’ he said. ‘It started when I was 13. Being bullied at that age, it’ll take everything out of you. As big as I was then, I was still soft. I don’t like confrontation.’

Dr Sandra inspected the keloid, and said: ‘Usually keloids are triggered by trauma, they’re usually really hard and firm. I would say this tissue feels like keloidal tissue, and it’s almost like I feel like your earlobe, I don’t know how it’s stretched so much here.’

She went on to say that it was different to any growth like it she had seen before.

‘I’ll tell you, I have never seen that in a keloid so much. Usually they’re really stiff and stuck to you.’

My Celebrity Life –

The surgery took place after JD was anaesthetised (Picture: TLC)

Speaking about the difficulties of the procedure, she added: ‘Keloids are really challenging to remove because you have to remove it in its entirety so that you’re more likely not to have a recurrence.

‘This keloid is particularly challenging because in removing all that scar tissue there, I’m removing his whole earlobe.’

Talking ahead of the surgery, Dr Sandra said: ‘There are a few things that I need to be cautious about when I do this procedure. One is knowing that if I take off too much skin, I can’t really go back and put some back.

‘The other is blood supply. JD has a pretty good blood supply feeding this growth, so I need to be very cautious and make sure he doesn’t get too many bleeders.’

My Celebrity Life –

As Dr Sanra cut into JD’s ear with her scalpel, blood squirted from the wound and covered her scrubs.

‘You know, when I was walking out the door today I was like “should I bring another change of scrubs?’’’ she joked after the incident.

Thankfully, after some careful incisions, Dr Sandra managed to remove the sack-resembling growth, before re-sculpting JD’s earlobe.

JD fell asleep during the procedure, and when he woke he looked at himself in the mirror.

‘As I’m looking in the mirror, it’s like a whole other person. I feel more like a happy person,’ he said. ‘I hope my keloid doesn’t come back, but I’m going to keep an eye on it and make sure, and if I do feel any symptoms that Dr Lee told me about, then I shall call her and we’ll get it taken care of.’

Dr Pimple Popper airs at 10pm on Thursdays exclusively on TLC, and stream on discovery+.

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