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Drag Race UK: Did A’Whora and Tayce actually hook up? Eliminated queen finally confirms why they got tongues wagging

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star A’Whora has finally explained the history between her and fellow competitor Tayce, explaining how the pair ‘amped up’ their relationship to ‘get the little peckers going’.

Throughout series two of Drag Race UK, there have been too many incredible talking points to count, from Ginny Lemon’s extraordinary exit to RuPaul’s unforgettable rant about Joe Black’s H&M dress.

One of the ongoing topics of conversation has been A’Whora’s relationship with Tayce, with it being revealed that they were previously romantically involved when Lawrence Chaney commented on their ‘sexual tension’ to the head judge early on in the series.

During a recent Zoom chat with and other press, A’Whora – who became the latest queen to be eliminated on Thursday evening after an X-rated comedy set and a lip sync for her life against Tayce – revealed that while they did a thing back in the day, they purposely played it up to the camera as well.

A’Whora explained that while at first the constant references to their former fling bothered them, they decided to use it to their advantage.

‘At first it was like, why is our business being played on the national television? You know what I mean? It was like you know, we don’t want this around everywhere,’ A’Whora said.

A’Whora won last week’s fashion challenge with this stellar creation (Picture: BBC)

‘But you know someone gave them a little nudge nudge and a wink wink and said you know these two have had a little sumn sumn, so we just at that point was like girl, whatever happens, they’re going to ride it out, they’re going to try and roll with it so we’ve got to roll with it too.

‘So we just kept amping it up. We kept feeding them like little bits like fish bites, just to get the little peckers going, get them little horns on the rise. And I think you know… it created good TV.’

However, just before Drag Race UK resumed filming after the seven-month hiatus, A’Whora and Tayce – who moved in together before they returned to the competition – realised that the increased attention to their relationship arc on the show would most likely lead to a dramatic conclusion.


‘I think we both stood there for a second afterwards, I think it was after the lockdown and we both said, girl, we have set ourselves up here. By us playing into this idea of being in a relationship, it only ends one way. A lip sync,’ she stated.

‘So we kind of were thinking well it’s either going to be we get to the finale together and we have a crowning and it’s me against you for the win, or one of us gets booted early, and look here I am now talking to you. So, it happened.’

There were several fans who thought A’Whora and Tayce’s lip sync was deserving of a double save from Ru, with one person tweeting: ‘For the first time, I wished for a double save, stunning performances omg.’

Another remarked: ‘In all of the double saves in the whole entire world. That REALLY should’ve been a double save. And that’s all I have to say about that. Amen.’

But alas, there are now only four queens left in the competition: Tayce, Bimini Bon Boulash, Ellie Diamond and Lawrence Chaney, who recently took down her Twitter account after receiving ‘harmful’ messages.

May the best queen win!

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK returns next Thursday at 7pm on BBC iPlayer.

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