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Drag Race UK star A’Whora apologises for ‘risk she could have caused others’ as she’s accused of flouting isolation rules

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A’Whora said she thought coming out of isolation ‘was a safe decision’ (Picture: BBC)

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star A’Whora has apologised for the ‘risk she could have caused others’ after isolating following her positive Covid-19 test.

Earlier this month, it emerged that Drag Fest UK had descended into chaos after a number of high-profile queens had to drop out of the event at the last minute due to communication issues and travel concerns.

Drag Race series two contestant A’Whora was one of the queens who took part in the event, writing in a statement that after making her appearance, she started to feel unwell.

In her statement, the queen, whose real name is George Boyle, wrote: ‘I want to take accountability and start by apologising for the recent covid case, from my tweets and unclear communication I feel it is my responsibility to explain and be sorry to those around me.’

A’Whora explained that after Drag Fest, she ‘started to feel ill’ while en route to Brighton for another event, so she decided to take a lateral flow test.

‘That day I took a lateral flow and the result was negative so I assumed it must have been down to tiredness/exhaustion and being run down!’ she said.


Nonetheless, after taking part in the show in Brighton, A’Whora was brushing her teeth that evening when she realised that she couldn’t taste her toothpaste, realising that lack of taste is a symptom of Covid-19.

She then chose to have a PCR test, which is more accurate than a lateral flow test.

‘From that my test came back positive so from that moment I isolated in my room away from my housemates,’ she said.

‘Prior to this I have been double vaccinated and always took measures carefully, with meet and greets I’m always the first to ask people to keep distant for our and your safety when we are travelling across the country.’

A’Whora said that during her time in isolation, she was doing Covid-19 tests every day and keeping note of her symptoms, finally receiving a negative test result on Friday morning while continuing to do lateral flow tests ‘every morning when I wake and every night before I sleep’.

My Celebrity Life –

A’Whora finished in fifth place on Drag Race UK series 2 (Picture: BBC)

The performer outlined that after receiving seven negative test results and no longer having any symptoms of coronavirus, she decided to come out of isolation.

On the government’s website, it says that if someone tests positive for Covid-19, they must isolate for 10 full days, either from the point when their symptoms started or if they don’t have any symptoms, from the date their test was taken.

‘I thought it was a safe decision and understand the risk I could have caused on others comes with huge repercussions, so I want to sincerely apologise and know that I have acknowledged the behaviour of my actions, lack of awareness and inconsideration of my own choices,’ A’Whora said.

‘I won’t try to do better, I will do better, and take this as a lesson to understand the full covid measures and legal requirements regardless of the circumstances.’

On August 17, A’Whora announced in a tweet that she had arrived home ‘after a manic 3 days, after 3 brunches, 2 drag fests, and a sold out UKD tour in Brighton’.

‘I’m glad to be in my own bed, but want to thank everyone who has came along and turned out for us, thank you for your patience, your time, your support and love!’ she said.

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