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Drag Race UK’s Bimini Bon Boulash posts incredible essay on gender identity and being non-binary

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Bimini Bon Boulash has penned a powerful essay further explaining their feelings towards gender identity and being non-binary.

In the latest episode of the reality competition, Bimini and co-star Ginny Lemon were seen in an emotional heart-to-heart about how they self-identify, discussing their struggles with fitting in with their gender assigned at birth, and the ‘gender norms’ that are typically masculine or feminine.

Both speaking openly about being non-binary, the moment was widely praised online and even helped viewers at home come out to their parents in the process.

Following the staggering response, Bimini has spoken out again, talking about how they discovered they were non-binary and how they struggled as a child because of gender norms and expectations of him as a boy.

Posting the message on Instagram, the 27-year-old wrote: ‘I often wished I was born a girl because it would have made things a lot easier. As I grew up my interest in what the boys were doing was almost non-existent.

‘I started becoming a lot more self-aware of my surroundings and what I had to do to fit in, heightened by my natural need to attention seek. I gave up a lot of the things I loved to do, including dancing, due to remarks people would make and how those words made me feel. To this day, not saying f**k you to that haunts me.’

Adding they found themselves more at ease with their identity once they were able to move away from their hometown, Bimini (real name Tommy Hibbitts) added: ‘When I spoke about being non-binary on Drag Race, it’s not so much what I am but it’s more the way I adopt to live my life. I live somewhere in between the binary.

‘In the past, androgyny was seen as someone who looks deviated from gender norms, and a lot of the time I would say my look is androgynous, but I feel that that term is almost fetishized by the fashion industry on a superficial level, not on a human level.’

Bimini spoke to Ginny Lemon about being non-binary in the latest episode of the series (Picture: BBC)

‘I consider the concept of gender as a spectrum and I float somewhere in the middle,’ they added. ‘With drag, I don’t see what I do as female impersonation or illusion, more an expression of my identity and how I feel on the inside, Bimini is me just as much as Tommy is me.’

As the long statement continued, Bimini added: ‘My view is that society’s preconceived notions of gender hold many people back, whether that is men, women or a person that views themselves as more gender fluid.

‘The idea that a man can’t show complex emotion or that a woman can’t be strong are basic but widely accepted lies created that prevent us gaining equality, and if we don’t break down these stereotypes, even at the basic level, our consciousness as a species will never progress.

As a drag queen, Bimini has been impressing fans and the judges (Picture: BBC)

‘A young girl should never be prevented from wearing a football shirt and playing in mud if she wants. A young boy should never be humiliated for wanting to wear a dress or play with a doll.

‘A dear child’s innocence should never be compromised by preconceived notions society typically expects of them, girls can be masculine boys can be feminine.’

‘This was a lengthy post, but after the conversation was brought into light I wanted to include a bit more to it,’ they concluded.

‘You may disagree with what I say and that’s okay. Like I said on Drag Race, the human existence is complex. If you reject the idea that someone can be fluid with their gender, that’s okay too.

‘But please respect their decision to live their authentic selves. They’re not harming you, it isn’t your business.

‘Wherever you fit on the gender spectrum, I idolise you and you’re powerful, remember that some of the best artists in the world reject gender norms.’

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK airs Thursdays at 7pm on BBC iPlayer in the UK and internationally on WOW Presents.


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