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Ed Gamble confesses to being ‘phantom poo-er’ in grim retelling of lads’ weekend gone wrong

Mel Giedroyc has managed to get celebs to confess to some weird things in new series Unforgivable – but Ed Gamble’s admission may be the grimmest yet.

In a show where Gemma Collins admitted to faking a sex tape to Piers Morgan and Graham Norton revealed he ended up getting appendix removal surgery to bunk off school, Ed has managed to stand out with his tale of being a phantom pooer.

In the newest episode of the Dave show, Off Menu podcast host Ed is cornered by the host to admit to an ‘original sin’, with the result putting everyone off weekend getaways to Wales.

In an exclusive clip ahead of tonight’s episode, Ed admitted: ‘A lot of people involved don’t know that I personally did the wrong. After some exams one year me and a bunch of my school friends about 30 of us went on a trip to stay in a house in Wales.

‘About two days into the trip, the water went off. We didn’t think to call a plumber or anything like that, we were just like “well, I guess we don’t have water now.”’

Mel – alongside co-host Lou Sanders and guests Richard Ayoade and Sindu Vee – were horrified to learn the group of lads just started using the garden as a toilet instead… weather that be ‘little toilet’ (going for a wee) or ‘main toilet’ (having a poo).

‘I was not the sort of person who could go and do main toilet outside. I could do little toilet outside, but it’s just not me,’ Ed clarified.

Turned out, the alternative was far more grim.

‘I thought I’d do it inside, and just hope that everything worked out alright,’ he continued. ‘Now there was only one toilet in the place, and it was already quite sort of built-up. There were no biggies in there but there was a lot of paper and it was you know… sodden.

Mel looked horrified at the grim confession (Picture: Dave)
Richard Ayoade and Sindhu Vee were not impressed with the story (Picture: Dave)

‘I thought, what I’ll do, this is the middle of the night I’ll just do it quickly and then forget it and it’ll probably be fine, like maybe an elf will come and take it away or something.’

‘The next morning, one of my friends found it and was absolutely disgusted by it, and it takes a lot to be disgusted in a group of 30 boys where people have been s***ting outdoors.’

Naturally, Ed decided to do the honourable thing – and completely deny all knowledge of it for more than a decade, before finally ‘fessing up on a TV show.

And now we all know who the Phantom of the Plopera is.

Mel Giedroyc’s Unforgivable airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on Dave.


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