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Ellen DeGeneres has her say on which cartoon characters are ‘obviously gay’

Ellen DeGeneres decided to have some fun on Monday as she weighed in on the debate about which famous cartoon characters are ‘obviously gay’.

After jokingly naming herself as the ‘nation’s leading expert on gay’, The Ellen DeGeneres Show host kicked things off by turning her focus on Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo.

The popular cartoon character has been in headlines lately following the announcement that she’s getting an HBO Max spin-off series and, people were debating whether the character is a lesbian.

‘So here are my thoughts. First of all, she’s a cartoon character so no one should really care about her sexuality,’ the 63-year-old mused. ‘Secondly, just ’cause she wears those clothes and has short hair doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian.’

She continued: ‘And third, obviously, she’s a lesbian. Come on. Velma, she’s on our team. She does all the things that lesbians do.

‘She has short hair. She has thick glasses. She solves mysteries. She’s basically the Rachel Maddow of cartoons.’

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Ellen think Scooby-Doo (Picture: Hanna-Barbera/Boomerang)

The comedian added: ‘I heard that she’s trying to get the rest of the gang to trade in the Mystery Machine for the Subaru Outback.’

Ellen then turned her focus to Peanuts character Peppermint Patty as she continued: ‘Let’s look at the evidence here. She wears Birkenstocks. Her name is Patty. Her best friend calls her Sir, which is short for Sir-iously gay.’

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The comedian thinks Spongebob Squarepants is gay (Picture: Paramount/Kobal/REX)

The star wasn’t done yet as she revealed her theory about Spongebob Squarepants also being a homosexual.

‘He spends a lot of time with his friend Patrick. He has a pet snail. I don’t know if that’s gay. It just sounds like it is though,’ she explained.

Despite popular opinion, Ellen declared that Looney Tunes favorite Bugs Bunny is gay because ‘dressing in drag does not make you gay. She claimed he’s ‘just kinky.’

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Ellen says Bugs Bunny isn’t gay, he’s just kinky (Picture: Moviestore/REX)

As for Elsa from Frozen, Ellem claimed: ‘Not sure why this rumor started in the first place. I guess as soon as a Disney princess doesn’t spend the entire movie pursuing a man, that makes her gay.’

The star then gave rapid-fire answers on a host of other cartoons as she reeled off: ‘Snagglepuss? Gay. Ursula? Gay. He-Man? Gay. Yogi and Boo-Boo? Gay.

‘Flounder? Gay. Four of the seven dwarfs? Gay. Jiminy Cricket? Gay. The candlestick from Beauty and the Beast? French or gay, same thing.’

There you have it, folks.

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