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Emily in Paris season 3: All the questions we need answered after that agonising cliffhanger

Will Emily and Alfie manage to make long distance work? (Picture: Netflix)

*Warning spoilers ahead for season two of Emily In Paris*

Emily in Paris may not have confirmed a third season just yet, but here’s everything we need to know if we get given another dose of the Parisienne lifestyle.

The latest batch of episodes may have only just dropped on Netflix, but fans have already binge-watched the whole thing in their millions and are now waiting to find out the fate of the show’s future.

Actress Lily Collins already revealed her desire for more, telling Glamour earlier this month: ‘I hope viewers find more of themselves in different characters, and feel seen and represented in the show.

‘I hope that we get a season three because I really hope we get to come back and do this again,’ we’re keeping our fingers crossed too, Lily.

But what could happen in a potential season three? Here’s just some of the plot lines we definitely need addressed.

Will Emily decide to stay at Savoir?

Emily was given the a huge ultmatum at the end of this season (Picture: Netflix)

The biggest question we immediately need to know the answer to – will Emily have continued at Savoir or left to join forces with Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), Luc (Bruno Gouery) and Julien (Samuel Arnold)?

Emily was dealt a shock blow after a contentious fashion show, which led to designer Pierre Cadault (Jean-Christophe Bouvet) deciding to cut ties with Savoir.

But the drama didn’t end there, as her three main colleagues all quit the firm to start their own new adventure.

She was given the option to either stay with Savoir and The Gilbert Group, meaning potential promotion under boss Madeleine (Kate Walsh), or give herself an exciting new start under Sylvie.

‘I’ve made my decision,’ Emily said, before the season abruptly ended – but we think we know in our hearts what she might do next.

Who will Gabriel choose? 

Emily confessed she was still in love with Gabriel, but we’re not sure whether there’s a future there (Picture: Netflix)

The underlying question of the whole of season two, is who Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) would choose to go forward with – Emily or Camille (Camille Razat)?

After Emily seemed to move on with Brit Alfie (Lucien Laviscount), fans saw a last minute change of heart, as she chose to reveal her feelings to Gabriel after a conversation with best friend Mindy (Ashley Park).

But in a heartbreaking moment for Emily, she learned Camille got in there first and moved back in with her old flame.

Really, both women snaked each other after making a pact never to get with Gabriel again, so we think they’ve both lost out here.

Maybe what Gabriel really needs is a brand-new love interest to spice things up a bit…

Will Alfie and Emily stay together?

Okay, we have to admit they are quite cute (Picture: Netflix)

Despite not originally hitting it off, Alfie and Emily soon saw sparks fly and they made things official towards the end of season one.

But when Emily learned it Alfie was being whisked off back to London early, it put an unexpected spanner in the works.

While Alfie wanted to try and maintain a long-distance relationship with his new girlfriend, but secretly Emily had other ideas.

However, knowing Gabriel is back with Camille, she might end up deciding to give things a real try with her new boyfriend.

We all saw how well that worked out for Emily in season one though…

Will Sylvie rekindle her romance with husband Laurent?

Will we get to see more of Laurent? (Picture: Netflix)

Sylvie has a husband? Colour us shocked, but we loved this huge twist.

Laurent (Arnaud Binard) is living the life down in St Tropez and was only exposed as Sylvie’s other half after bumping into Emily at his beach club.

The pair have been married a whopping 20 years, but seem to be comfortable with an open marriage, which leads us to one of the surprisingly cute romances of the season.

Sylvie hit it off with photographer Erik, works one of Savoir’s events, but seemed only interested in capturing the Savoir boss.

But will Sylvie still be romancing Erik in season three, or will she be back spending more time with Laurent?

Will Mindy fix her feud with her father?

Mindy really shone this season (Picture: Netflix)

Fans saw Mindy’s backstory develop further this season, after she found out her father recently stayed in a hotel in St Tropez without telling her he was flying over.

The bombshell made Mindy realise just how much she missed her (very rich) family, and sent a picture to her dad in the hope it would help repair some of the damage done.

However, it was left unclear whether she got closer to patching things up with him as we made it further through the season.

It would definitely act as an interesting shake-up if we finally got an appearance from the Chinese billionaire in season three.

Emily in Paris season 2 can be streamed on Netflix now.


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