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Er, just what were Chloe and Toby doing above the covers on last night’s Love Island?

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Well well, what do we have here (Picture: ITV)

When you compared the current season of Love Island to the heady days of series one and two, everything is kept pretty PG when an episode hits the air.

But viewers were left rather stunned during Wednesday night’s episode when Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows were filmed seemingly studying for their NVQ2.

The recently recoupled pairing had pledged to ‘take it slower this time’, after initially getting hot and heavy before Toby left Chloe for Abi Rawlings (and left her for Mary Bedford during Casa Amor).

However, they looked to be getting rather close as the night-vision cameras panned over the bedroom, with Toby disappearing under the covers while Chloe lay back.

Now, we’re not suggesting anything happened – perhaps Toby was looking for one of Chloe’s dropped earrings – but viewers were rather taken aback by… er, whatever was going on.






Love Island used to show sexual antics in the main show, with the camera famously zooming in on Alex Bowen’s face when Zara Holland performed oral sex in the hideaway in series two.

Couples like Terry Walsh and Emma Jane Woodhams were also seen having sex above the covers in front of the islanders.

However, in recent years, producers have decided to no longer explicitly show sex scenes, with narrator Iain Stirling previously telling Vice: ‘Sometimes it’s important for the narrative, but you can tell that story through the conversations afterwards. It’s not a moral question – if anything, that’s less of an issue now, because people coming on are so aware of what happens with the footage from the villa.

‘What I don’t know is if we’ll show it. It’s done now – people have sh***ed on TV. We broadcasted it before because it was an interesting thing to show and deal with. Now, having sex on telly? It’s done.’

My Celebrity Life –

Chloe and Toby have recoupled (Picture: ITV)

It was also claimed by sources that producers were ‘worried about upsetting [islanders] and fear ruining their lives’, as they were concerned about how future employers would view them.

Still, that doesn’t mean that sex hasn’t been alluded to in the villa, with the ‘Do Bits Society’ getting a rebranding.

The boys have been using football analogies to describe what they have and haven’t done in bed, while the girls have used the NVQ system to denote sexual acts.

The islanders previously explained that entry-level NVQ is a snog, NVQ1 is a ‘cheeky finger’, NVQ2 is oral, and NVQ3 is going ‘all the way’.

As long as everyone’s having a nice time.

Despite landing in the bottom of the most liked couples and individual islanders when they were previously together, Chloe and Toby were saved by the public last night, and now Hugo and Amy, Tyler and Clarisse, and Sam and Mary face dumping from the island.

Love Island continues at 9pm tonight.

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