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Eurovision: UK star Sam Ryder ‘absolutely believes’ in aliens and saw ‘weird object’ in the sky once

Sam Ryder ‘absolutely’ believes in aliens and thinks he saw a UFO once (Picture: Youtube/Sam Ryder )

Sam Ryder is hoping to bring glory to the UK in the Eurovision with his song Space Man, and it seems he’s a bit of an expert in the subject.

The singer, 32, who found fame on TikTok, will represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin this weekend.

(And despite a fairly dismal track record in recent years, he’s tipped to do pretty well.)

Sam’s entry to the competition is a lovelorn track chock-full of metaphors about the universe, black holes and being an astronaut floating in space, and he has now revealed he’s got more than a metaphorical interest in intergalactic affairs.

The star (no pun intended) admits he definitely believes in aliens, and even saw a UFO once – or at least, he thinks he did.

Speaking to The Daily Star, he said: ‘I absolutely believe in aliens. If you don’t then you haven’t been using your imagination enough.’

The UK Eurovision star believes he saw a UFO in Hawaii (Picture: PARLOPHONE MUSIC)

While Sam is certain there is ‘life on other planets,’ he’s not sure what they look like – ‘but the kid in me likes to imagine that they are like ET.’

As well as believing in life outside our planet, Sam is pretty sure he’s seen a UFO himself, admitting he ‘desperately wanted’ to see one.

He recalled how, when he was in Hawaii, he ‘saw a weird moving object in the skies.’

‘Apparently there are a lot of UFO sightings around there, he added.

Sam went on to say he once wanted to be an astronaut himself, and while he didn’t quite clinch that dream, being a hugely successful musician representing his country in Eurovision isn’t exactly a bad plan B.

It is, of course, a massive opportunity for a musician to be chosen for the Eurovision, but it doesn’t come without its worries.

Sam recently admitted to Metro that, while it is a ‘wicked opportunity,’ he finds himself worrying: ‘What if people think it’s cheesy?

‘What if your career goes down the pan afterwards? What if you get nil points?’

However, he added that he isn’t feeling pressure about it ‘at all’.

The UK are feeling more positive about their Eurovision chances with Sam than they in years (Picture: ITV)

‘I think it’s really cool because I think it shows there’s a certain attitude of positivity in the UK,’ he added.

There is certainly a buzz around the singer, who has more than 12 million followers on TikTok and 3.7 million on Instagram.

Sam first shot to fame when he began posting on the video-sharing site during the first Covid-19 lockdown, in March 2020.

The Eurovision Song Contest final takes place on Saturday 14 May. Fans can watch the action on BBC One from 8pm.


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