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Eurovision viewers convinced Mika’s ‘naughty’ gesture actually has sexual connotations

We’re used to Eurovision bringing the weird and wacky, and last night’s live finals in Turin didn’t disappoint, from the performers as well as the hosts.

From Mika’s incredible performance to Graham Norton’s sassy commentary over the hosts’ jokes, there was plenty for viewers to ponder over, but one moment stood out from them all, after Mika highlighted some Italian hand gestures on the show.

After learning what the gestures for ‘eat’ and ‘what do you want?’ were, Mika managed to make a rude hand signal which wasn’t explained by the hosts.

‘You must be careful using your hands, because it takes just a slight gesture to completely change the meaning,’ host Alessandro Cattelan warned, before Mika did exactly that and ended up presenting a rude hand gesture.

His two hosts were quick to shut him down, with Alessandro saying to viewers (and Mika): ‘It has a double meaning, check it on the internet.’

Viewers quickly took to social media to ask what was going on, in the hope that some enlightened Italians would share the message.

The hosts quickly shut down Mika’s rude hand gesture! (Picture: BBC One)

‘I will not know peace until I find out what Mika’s hand gesture meant and why the presenter stopped him it’s impossible to Google,’ one viewer wrote on Twitter.

Another asked: ‘@ every Italian: what is the seemingly very naughty gesture @mikasounds made during #Eurovision? Been thinking about that for two days now.’


Others turned to Reddit to get the answer, and it may not have been what they were expecting.

A knowledgeable Reddit user wrote: ‘It’s a gesture used to indicate sex. We call it “pucciare il biscotto” meaning “dunking the cookie”. It’s not even that popular as a gesture though, some Italians might not even be familiar with it.’


Someone else commented on Twitter: ‘Guys it just means have sex. Basically here “inzuppare il biscotto” (to dip the biscuit) means having sex. So that is the gesture you do when you dip biscuits in milk.’

Some viewers took the explanation a little further, sharing that the gesture meant ‘fisting’, while others suggested it could mean a ‘blowjob’.

Well, now we know.

Elsewhere on the show, Mika managed to misnamed Romanian contestants as Spain when chatting to them in the green room, and, when introducing Poland moments later, he dubbed them Holland instead.

Thankfully, Graham’s commentary was to the rescue for those of us watching at home.


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