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‘Everyone was silent when I walked back into work’: What’s it really like to be on Naked Attraction?

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What don’t we see behind the scenes on Naked Attraction? (Picture: Channel 4)

Even after eight series, Naked Attraction is still just about the maddest idea for a TV show we can imagine.

If you’ve been living under a rock – or perhaps forbidden from watching it in that time – and don’t know the premise, it couldn’t be any simpler.

Strangers get together in a studio stark naked, pick prospective partners based on their physical appearance and date them.

It’s brought us some of the biggest (and smallest) talking points on TV in recent times and it’s still one of the most popular shows around.

Most viewers would never dream of having the confidence to strip off on national television – but if they actually did, what would it be like? spoke to former contestant Melissa Edden about her experiences on the show – which she appeared on not once, but twice.

Her first episode was the one Danny Dyer and his daughter, Love Island‘s Dani, had watched for Celebrity Gogglebox, and it brought her a lot of attention, while she also returned to the show a year later.

Here’s what it’s really like to be on Naked Attraction.

The auditions are intense – and involved getting naked in front of strangers

My Celebrity Life –

Melissa appeared on the show first back in 2018 (Picture: Twitter/Melissa Edden)

While the show itself looks intimidating, the first steps sound even worse.

‘I was working in a normal office job when I applied,’ Melissa said. ‘At first, I didn’t want to do it. Then a few weeks later I got a message from someone and they called me through to the interview stage.

‘They booked me and got me a train ticket, so I just went. I had to stand there in front of two women and talk normally. They asked me loads of questions. Then halfway through, they were like: “Right, get completely naked!” It was so random.’

You don’t actually get paid for the filming – only expenses are covered

My Celebrity Life –

Naked Attraction is currently in its eight series (Picture: Channel 4)

Don’t go on the show if you’re expecting a payday. In fact, you barely get paid for appearing at all.

‘I got through and the filming was in Manchester. You don’t get paid for the show, you only get paid for expenses and for taking days off work,’ Melissa told us. ‘I got almost £500, but I only really wanted to go on it for the experience.

‘I was a reserve at first so I was there for three full days. For the days you’re not used they pay you £75.’

It’s a very early start to the day during filming

My Celebrity Life –

Melissa spoke about her experiences on the show (Picture: Channel 4)

Guests are up bright and early when the filming begins, but there’s a chill-out room to kick back in if you’re not needed straight away.

‘On the day itself, they put you up in a hotel and you have to be up at 7am,’ Melissa said. ‘You meet in a lounge area. I think they film two episodes in one day. Even if you’re not in the first one, you still have to wake up at 7am.

‘You go into this massive room while you’re waiting. It’s got Netflix and it’s a properly chilled out area. When they’re ready for you, they’ll call you down and do your hair and makeup. The producers were really good to work with. They were lovely to me.’

The bathroom situation is surprisingly strict

My Celebrity Life –

The mystery pods which contain the hopefuls on the show (Picture: Channel 4)

Guests are kept well apart from their prospective partners before the shoot, which means contestants are strictly led to and from the bathroom during the day.

‘If you need to go to the toilet, they have to follow you in there to make sure you don’t see anyone you’re on the show with that day,’ Melissa said.

Those introductory shots in the pods? They take ages to film

My Celebrity Life –

The show has been on our screens since 2016 (Picture: Channel 4 Television)

While they’re intercut throughout the episodes, the shots of the contestants standing naked in the different sections of the studio are shot first – and they take an awful long time.

‘We did our headshots and body shots for about an hour and a half. It’s long. Then we start filming,’ she said.

The studio is kept ‘cold’ too, which Melissa says is ‘probably for one reason’ – we’ll let this guy explain.

After the episode goes out, things can get awkward very quickly

My Celebrity Life –

Melissa said that returning to work was bizarre after the episode (Picture: Channel 4)

People can struggle with getting naked in front of anyone – never mind the millions of people that watch the show.

Speaking about heading back to work after her episode was shown, Melissa said: ‘It was extremely awkward. Everyone was silent when I walked in the office the day after it aired.

‘I just had to laugh it off. I don’t know how I did it.’

Contestants need to be prepared to face criticism online

My Celebrity Life –

The show can be tough when it comes to feedback on social media (Picture: Channel 4)

Things certainly aren’t easy for everyone who goes on the show.

While most of the reaction Melissa received online was positive, she knows contestants who received terrible comments after going on the programme which affected their mental health.

People need to be prepared to face trolling before they head on the show, she says.

‘It just depends on people’s personalities and attitudes towards it,’ Melissa says. ‘You need to be able to brush off comments if you can. If you can do that, then anyone can go on there.’

Melissa also said that she received aftercare after her appearance on the programme, with producers getting in touch.

‘They called me a few days later, and a few weeks after that to see how things were. They were really quite good about it.’

You get to meet the ‘lovely’ presenter Anna Richardson, too

My Celebrity Life –

Anna Richardson on Naked Attraction (Picture: Channel 4)

Anna Richardson, who reckons she’s seen more than 1,000 penises while hosting Naked Attraction couldn’t be nicer according to Melissa.

‘She’s really, really lovely,’ she said, bigging up the presenter. ‘The second time I went on a year later, she remembered me. She was really, really nice.

‘She remembered me, despite the fact the girl next to me was on the show five weeks before and she didn’t remember her! It was seriously awkward,’ Melissa added.

Going on Naked Attraction could lead to a surprise career change – like it did for Melissa

My Celebrity Life –

The show first appeared way back in 2016 (Picture: Rachel Joseph)

‘I’m in the adult industry now,’ Melissa said, speaking about her time after leaving the programme. ‘Ever since I went on the show – about two and a half years now – things have changed massively.

‘I was in a normal office job at the time, and I started thinking “If I can go on national TV naked…”

Some other contestants have completely different reactions to going on the show, though, with one previous star revealing how she went celibate for a year.

And finally, what advice does Melissa have for people thinking of applying?

‘Be aware of what you’re getting into and moisturise before you go on!’

Naked Attraction is available to watch on All 4.

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