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Everything you need to know about John Lewis Christmas advert 2021: From who sings the song to its star-studded cast

The John Lewis Christmas 2021 advert has arrived, meaning that Christmas is officially around the corner.

Unexpected Guest is the name of this year’s campaign and it sees space traveller Skye come crash-landing to earth at the height of festivities, with teenager Nathan introducing her to all the yuletide traditions. Cute, right?

Their pair’s heartwarming friendship develops as Nathan shares his family’s traditions by bringing them to life for her in the woods as they celebrate together.

Here’s everything you need to know about the advert, including what it’s all about, who’s in the cast and who is behind the soundtrack.

What happens in the John Lewis Christmas advert 2021?

This year’s John Lewis Christmas advert follows two teens, Nathan and space traveller Skye.

The pair meet when Nathan spots a flashing light in the distance as he travels home from school. He chases the strange sight into the woods beside his home where he encounters a girl from another galaxy.

The pair immediately spark a friendship and Nathan helps his new friend Skye to discover the magic of her first Christmas.

My Celebrity Life –
It all kicks off when Skye’s spaceship comes crashing down to earth (Picture: John Lewis)
My Celebrity Life –
Skye is shown the magic of Christmas while trying to fix her space craft (Picture: John Lewis)

He introduces her to some of his favourite festive moments and brings her fairy lights from his family’s tree, which she’s amazingly able to power herself with her superpowers.

After a Christmas meal with family and friends, Nathan sneaks Skye a mince pie, and she delights at trying this for the first time – although she amusingly eats it with the foil casing still on.

Together, their friendship grows while watching Christmas films and playing in the snow but sadly the time comes when Skye has fixed her ship and must return to her home planet.

My Celebrity Life –
Nathan takes some fairy lights to Skye to show her how to decorate a Christmas tree (Picture: John Lewis)
My Celebrity Life –
Nathan sneaks Skye a mince pie so she can try one for the first time (Picture: John Lewis)

Before being separated, Nathan gifts her his Christmas jumper, the same one he was wearing when they first met, and the pair share a sweet embrace before she boards her ship.

As Skye leaves, she disappears into the night sky and leaves a twinkling star on a Christmas tree in the distance.

Who leads the cast of the John Lewis Christmas advert 2021?

Raffiella Chapman and Jordan A. Nash are the leads in this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert, playing Skye and Nathan respectively.

The pair, who are both 14, are trained actors and have starred alongside many A-list stars, including Angelina Jolie, Will Smith and Eddie Redmayne.

My Celebrity Life –
Both youngsters started their acting careers aged five (Picture: Fox/Walt Disney)

Skye’s Raffiella landed her first film when she was just five, playing Stephen Hawking’s daughter Lucy Hawking in The Theory of Everything.

Like Raffiella, Jordan also began acting at the age of five, and has played Will Smith’s son in the 2019 live action remake of Aladdin.

Who sings the song in the John Lewis Christmas advert 2021?

This year’s John Lewis Christmas advert is set to a cover of Together in Electric Dream, which was originally released by The Human League’s Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder in 1984.

Lola Young, a 20-year-old up-and-coming star, sings a revamped version of the original track for the two-minute commercial.

When will the John Lewis Christmas 2021 advert air?

The John Lewis Christmas 2021 advert will be making its first appearance on television tonight.

The campaign will air at 8.15pm during the first ad break for The Pride of Britain Awards on ITV.

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