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Extreme Germaphobes star makes wife sanitise herself before sex and wees at angle to avoid splash-back

Extreme Germaphobes showcases the lengths some people go to to avoid contact with any kind of germs – including making a partner sanitise themselves before sex.

One of the germaphobes featured, Brian, revealed he makes his wife Christy bake in their at-home sauna to kill any germs on her body before he will get intimate with her.

Showing how he sprays all their gym clothes with sanitiser before washing them, Brian explained: ‘This right here is our family sauna, its something I got for Christy for a gift, she loves sitting in here, she’s Finnish,

‘All I have to do is set the temp to 160 degrees (Fahrenheit, 71 degrees celsius) and hit start and let [the dirty laundry] bake for about 30 minutes.

‘It’s like an easy bake oven in here and that heat will actually help kill the bacteria on the clothes before we put them in the washer itself. And the great thing is, it works for people too!’

Christy then added: ‘When we first got the sauna it was awesome, we had a lot of great moments, intimate moments, but now it’s gone from sexy to unsexy.

Extreme Germaphobe Brian has to wee a special way to avoid any chance of splashback (Picture: TLC)
He also forces his wife to sanitise herself in a sauna before sex (Picture: TLC)

‘It can go up to 160 degrees and, in Brian’s eyes, that level of heat will sanitise my body. My husband requests I sit in there by myself and sanitise myself before we get intimate and sometimes I think it’s killing our romance.’

As well as making her disinfect herself before sex, Brian also makes Christy sanitise all her make-up brushes daily and takes the family’s three cars to the car wash daily on rotation to get any germs within them cleaned out.

His obsession with avoiding germs is so extreme that Brian even wees at an angle to avoid any chance of splashback letting germs land on him at the urinal.

Explaining how to pee correctly after sanitising everything in the bathroom, Brian revealed: ‘I want to show you this because I think this is really important.

‘One of the biggest ways that bacteria gets spread is when you take a pee in the urinal or the toilet and it splashes out. It gets on your shoes, it gets on your pants, you don’t even see it sometimes, it’s just small micro droplets of pee.

‘So I actually like to come to the side. It’s all about the angle, that’s the key. So you’re peeing basically on the dry area of the toilet versus the wet area.’

He admitted: ‘I’ve tried it a million different ways and I can tell you that peeing into the front of the bowl as opposed to peeing into the water is the secret.’

Germaphobia is available to stream now exclusively on discovery+


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