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Extreme Sisters stars Brooke and Baylee insist it’s ‘not that crazy’ for them to share their underwear and toothbrushes

Extreme Sisters Brooke and Baylee have revealed they are so close that they happily share their underwear and toothbrushes.

The sisters are so inseparable that they even sleep in the same bed together, even though Brooke, 24, is married with two children.

Brooke and Baylee, 22, are among the unique groups of siblings that have a starring role in TLC’s new series, and the pair insist their behavior is ‘not that crazy’

Baylee told Fox News: ‘A lot of people are shocked that we have shared underwear. It’s not that crazy at all. Sometimes you just have to grab and go!’

Brooke added: ‘Oh my god, the thing I love about the show is it shows the realness.

‘So whether people want to admit it or not, they’re sharing underwear. If they’re saying they’re not, they’re liars.’

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Extreme Sisters Brooke and Baylee still ‘sleep in the same bed and share toothbrushes’ (Picture: Emily Manley/TLC)

As for sharing toothbrushes, Brooke rationalized: ‘I mean, if you have to get out of the house and you only see one toothbrush because yours is missing, you just are going to grab whatever you see!’

Baylee agreed that it was ‘better than having bad breath!’ as she then joked that she didn’t know ‘not sharing razors was a thing.’

In a clip from the TLC show’s first episode, it was revealed that the pair’s closeness has caused a few problems in Brooke’s marriage after Baylee moved into Brooke’s home.

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The pair are closer than even now Baylee has moved into Brooke’s home – which she shared with a husband and two children (Picture: Emily Manley/TLC)

Husband Denver, 27, is seen attempting to get Baylee to pick up her ‘dirty panties’ while he complains about her sleeping in bed with them.

The series also follows twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque who actually share their boyfriend.

The 35-year-old siblings – who live in Perth, Australia – do almost everything together, from wearing the same clothes and going to the toilet all the way to eating the same amount of food to keep their identical figures.

Extreme Sisters airs in the US on Sundays at 10pm ET/PT on TLC.

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