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Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Will Joaquin Torres replace Sam Wilson as Falcon?

Marvel’s Falcon and The Winter Soldier may have already introduced us to the man who will replace Sam Wilson in his Falcon suit – leaving the door open for Sam to become the new Captain America.

In the first episode of the new Disney Plus series, Sam (played by Anthony Mackie) was seen giving up the Captain’s shield, believing it ‘didn’t belong to him’.

Despite Captain America Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) giving him his shield in Avengers: Endgame, encouraging him to become the new symbol America needed, Sam didn’t feel worthy of the title.

Instead, he continued life as Falcon, and in the opening scenes was seen speaking to Torres (Danny Ramirez), a man on the ground when it came to fighting against the Flag Smashers.

But comic book fans will know that Joaquin is more than just a new character – he’s also the person that eventually takes on the mantle of Falcon.

A tech-savvy man who works underneath Falcon, Torres quickly established himself as someone Sam can trust in battle, feeding information back to him as he tries to defeat the extremist group who rose as a result of Thanos’s Snap which dusted half of existence – including Sam, and Winter Soldier Bucky (Sebastian Stan).

Will he follow in his comic book counterpart’s footsteps? If so, this could pave the way for Sam finally accomplishing his destiny – as the new Captain America he was hesitant to become.

How does Joaquin become The Falcon? 

In comic book series Captain America: Sam Wilson, Torres is actually far younger than the version we see in the series, and is just 17 years old when he’s dragged into the Marvel world.

Living in Arizona and an honours student, the youngster worked to help migrants crossing the border.

However, he’s kidnapped by Sons Of The Serpent and experimented on, turning him into a falcon/human hybrid.

He’s eventually rescued by Sam, and as a result of their alliance, becomes known as Falcon and acts as sidekick to the new Captain America.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier continues Fridays on Disney Plus.

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