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Fate: The Winx Saga: Danny Griffin reveals Sky and Silva deleted bonding moment

Fate: The Winx Saga’s Danny Griffin has revealed an important deleted scene between Sky and Silva that set in motion their close relationship.

The 23-year-old actor stars as the dashing Specialist student at Alfea College, who forms a close bond with newcomer Bloom (Abigail Cowen) and often gets in trouble for ditching his duties in favour of looking out for the young fairy.

This often results in clashes with teacher Saul Silva (Robert James-Collier), who wants him to complete his soldier-like training to help fight against those who threaten the Otherworld they live in.

But in a scene that never made it to the series, Danny reveals that an action moment between the pair would have seen them working together at their finest.

Danny explained: ‘In the show, obviously you see that between Sky and Silva there’s a struggle. [Sky] wants this father figure, and all Silva gives back to him is “the soldier has to do what a soldier’s told”.

‘There’s a scene when the Burnt One falls through a ceiling, and I said, “if it goes towards Rob in the shot, could I save Rob?”

My Celebrity Life –
Sky has an obligation as a fighter to protect the Otherworld (Picture: Netflix)
My Celebrity Life –
Sky had a moment of approval from his father figure that never aired (Picture: Netflix)

‘They said yeah it’s a great idea because Sky would have, instead of being out looking for Bloom, he would have been where he should have been, at the right place and saved him, and they had a little moment with him and been like, “yeah, see? I did my job, I saved you, and all your teaching’s sort of paid off now”.’

‘I was really excited,’ he continued. ‘We filmed the entire scene, I just rugby tackled Rob four times, and he was getting quite sore after a while, and was like, “can we stop this? It hurts now.”

‘But when I went to ADR [automated dialogue replacement], they said, unfortunately it’s been cut. I was like, “No!”.’

While it may seem like a small moment, it would have definitely cemented their father-son like bond, which would’ve made the events of the finale all that more devastating.

Silva, who took in Sky when he seemingly killed his dad Andreas, was arrested and taken away in the show’s final moments for the murder.

Well, attempted murder, as it was revealed that Andreas wasn’t actually dead at all, but was instead working with Rosalind (Lesley Smart) in secret to overthrow those at Alfea.

This reveal could have devastating effects on the Otherworld, but we have to wait to season two (which has yet to be confirmed) to find out just how bad it gets.

Fate: The Winx Saga is available now on Netflix. 


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